What are the styles of women’s Hanfu?

There are many styles of Hanfu, which are easy to confuse. Then what are the main styles of Hanfu? Let Fashion Hanfu introduce to you now.

According to the height of the skirt, the skirt is divided into Qiyao Ruqun, Qixiong Ruqun.

Ruqun. Ruqun is an item of traditional Chinese attire primarily for women but also for men. It consists of a blouse and a wrap-around skirt. It is the eldest type of Hanfu which is said to have been worn by the legendary Yellow Emperor.

Qixiong Ruqun. As the name implies, the waist of the skirt has always been tied on the waist, it is a unique Ruqun type worn by women.

According to the style of the collar, the skirt is divided into Jiaoling Ruqun(cross-necked skirt), Duijin Ruqun(cardigan skirt), and Zhiling Ruqun(stand collar skirt).

According to the difference between the folder, the jacket skirt is divided into a single jacket and compound jacket, the single jacket is close to the shirt (Big sleeve shirt), the compound jacket is close to the jacket (Aoqun).

Aoqun. Aoqun is said to be the simple dresses of the Han dynasty. They are generally worn during National Day, Spring Festival, birthdays, adult ceremonies, weddings, etc. It is a relatively grand dress.

The real Hanfu is the traditional dress of the Han nationality for thousands of years. The Chinese not only has its own cultural connotation, but clothing also has its own characteristics and style.

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