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Hanfu movement is the abbreviation of “Hanfu Cultural Renaissance Movement”, which is an active part of the Chinese cultural renaissance movement.

Background Of Hanfu Movement

Hanfu is the abbreviation of the traditional ethnic costumes of the Han nationality. From the Shang Dynasty to the Ming Dynasty, the style of Han clothing has never been interrupted for thousands of years. However, after the establishment of the Qing Dynasty, the clothing of Han people disappeared.

The Hanfu movement occurred in a period after the fall of the Qing Dynasty, but more importantly, at the beginning of this century, with the rise of China’s national strength and the awakening of a part of the Chinese people’s consciousness of being a great power, the Han culture enthusiasts as the main body, the youth group, the commercialized group, the intellectuals as the main force, the Internet as the main platform of public opinion, and the return of Hanfu as the starting point to revive the Chinese language A folk movement of cultural rejuvenation.

The Beginning Of Hanfu Movement

Around 2002, in view of the fact that people generally believed that Tang costume (i.e. Manchu style clothes, Qipao and Mandarin coat) was the clothing of Han nationality, many people of insight tried to rectify the source and devote themselves to the movement of restoring the traditional costume of Han nationality before the Manchu Dynasty.

On November 22, 2003, Mr. Wang Letian, a folk figure, put on the traditional clothes of the Han nationality on the street. Although some people ridicule, some people do not understand, Wang Letian calmly through the crowd, walking in the most prosperous streets of Zhengzhou. This line of work strengthened his determination to promote Hanfu. He hoped to influence others with his limited strength. Wang Letian’s action has aroused the attention of people from all walks of life in mainland China and the whole Chinese world to Chinese traditional culture and Han ethnic costumes. It has also received many people’s support and response, and has set off a wave of revival of Han costume in China.

Participants Of The Hanfu Movement

The Hanfu movement is a patriotic revival movement initiated by the people. The main participants are young white-collar workers and college, junior high school and high school students. In recent years, many young children and mature, stable middle-aged and elderly people affected by their relatives and friends have joined in.

To be exact, Hanfu movement is a traditional culture supporter and Reviver regardless of age, gender, occupation and interest. It influences the public by reviving the traditional costume of Han nationality, and then carries forward the traditional culture.

The Controversy Caused By The Hanfu Movement:

In the process of this movement, it also caused a lot of controversy among the public. It mainly focuses on the following issues:

Do we want to restore Hanfu?

Viewpoint 1: The national traditional clothing of all nationalities is developed from ancient times. This is the embodiment of nationality and tradition. Hanfu is the traditional national costume of the Han nationality and the representative of national tradition and national culture. In modern society, people are more and more aware of the role of traditional culture in the harmonious development of society. The promotion of Hanfu is conducive to the inheritance and development of the traditional culture of the Han nationality, and is conducive to the improvement of national cohesion and pride.

Viewpoint 2: Although the disappearance of Hanfu is a historical reason, it is an abnormal process. However, we should also consider the development and change of history. There is no inevitable relationship between traditional culture and Hanfu. In fact, the revival movement of Hanfu not only includes the traditional costume of Hanfu. If the revival of the traditional culture can not be regarded as the result of the revival of the traditional culture, then the restoration of the traditional Chinese clothing can not be regarded as the result of the revival of the traditional culture.

Should We Restore Hanfu Culture and Hanfu Etiquette?

Viewpoint 1: Hanfu can be used for major ceremonies and festivals to wear broad robes and large sleeves dress, but also tight Narrow Sleeve home casual clothes. As a national costume, its use occasions have the same elastic space. The Hanfu movement can completely pursue the comprehensive daily use of Hanfu. It can not only be worn in festivals, weddings, major ceremonies and other occasions but also be worn in sports, home, and other occasions.

Viewpoint 2: Because it’s not convenient to work and exercise in the traditional Hanfu. Therefore, it is only necessary to wear Hanfu in festivals, grand celebrations, weddings, birthdays, funerals, and leisure with national characteristics. It is not necessary to fully restore the wearing of Hanfu.

To restore the traditional Hanfu, or to innovate on the basis of the traditional Hanfu?

Viewpoint 1: Hanfu has been interrupted for many years. There is no need to stick to the traditional shape of Hanfu. We can innovate and transform it to a certain extent, and design more suitable for modern life.

Viewpoint 2: The development of Hanfu has been interrupted for hundreds of years, and many precious shapes, materials, and crafts have been lost. Therefore, the protection of Hanfu is more urgent than innovation and utilization. Therefore, we should restore the Hanfu in strict accordance with the unearthed cultural relics and literature records.

The Controversy, How To Understand The Hanfu Movement And Hanfu culture?

Clothing is an important form of the social and cultural life of a country and a nation. It is not only closely related to the daily life of the people but also has been given rich cultural connotation in the historical evolution and has become the carrier of traditional culture. Under the constant controversy, the public needs to view the “Hanfu movement” and Hanfu culture from a rational and calm perspective.

On the one hand, Chinese traditional costumes represented by Hanfu have high aesthetic value and historical and cultural value. On the other hand, as a symbol of profound cultural heritage, traditional clothing is of great significance for inheriting national cultural spirit and displaying national cultural confidence.

Whether it is simply pursuing the external beauty of the shape and color of Hanfu, or obsessed with the cultural heritage behind it, Hanfu has an extraordinary attraction for many young people. We interviewed some netizens randomly. Let’s see what they think about the movement of Hanfu?

1. I live in a city where there are often performances and activities. Sometimes I can walk into the exhibition freely by wearing Hanfu. We hope that society can strengthen the propaganda and promotion of Hanfu culture, increase the propaganda channels, and also hope that there will be less class division in the circle.

2. I will go to learn about the history of the Han Dynasty, read the poems and storybooks at that time, and study whether there is any difference between my clothes and history. Hanfu may not act as the protagonist in daily life, but it conveys a national feeling and the essence of traditional culture. It hopes that Hanfu can enter more people’s lives in the future.

3. I think Hanfu is still a minority hobby. No matter whether we admit it or not, there are still very few Han compatriots who know or are willing to learn about Hanfu. What makes us happy is that when we put on the Hanfu, we won’t suffer so many different eyes as before.

With the accelerating process of globalization in recent years, the opportunities for cultural exchanges between different countries and nationalities are greatly increased. The unique traditional clothing can not only help us to show our own cultural heritage, but also help to guide people to look at the cultural differences between the East and the West with a more rational vision.

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