What is Hanfu clothing?A deep understanding of the Hanfu culture

What is Hanfu? What is Hanfu culture? What are the characteristics of Hanfu? What is the craft of Hanfu?

Hanfu is the traditional costume of Han nationality.

In a narrow sense, it includes the main costumes worn and formed by Han nationality, which originated from Chinese civilization, more than four thousand years before the emperor hung his clothes and the emperor ruled the country until the end of Ming Dynasty.

In a broad sense, it also includes modern costumes made according to the shape of Hanfu in a narrow sense.

Hanfu clothing refers to clothing, including clothing, headwear, hairstyle, face decoration, shoes, accessories, and other common combinations of the whole Chinese clothing system.

Tang Dynasty embroidered skirt-Qixiong Ruqun

The modern Hanfu can be divided into traditional Hanfu and modern Hanfu:

The former refers to the Hanfu with rigorous shape, exquisite version and ancient pattern materials. The patterns tend to be retro, such as four clouds pattern, flying fish pattern, etc. Some traditional techniques will also be used in the production, such as grass and wood dyeing, gold weaving, and tapestry;

The latter is not limited to the ancient system in the pattern and material, but more integrated with the aesthetic of the Han nationality today, and adopts modern technology, such as blended fabric, but still does not break away from the characteristics of rigorous shape and exquisite version.

What are the characteristics of Hanfu?

Hanfu has the characteristics of the cross collar, right lapel, tie, round collar, square collar (controversial vertical collar) and daughter buckle, etc.”Lapel” refers to the lapel overlapped, while “right Lapel” refers to the direction of the lapel overlapped.

Different from Western three-dimensional tailoring, Hanfu adopts traditional plane tailoring, which skillfully deals with the relationship between straight lines and curves, so it is famous for its natural and elegant style.

Mamianqun-The most common skirt worn by women in the Ming Dynasty

What is the craftsmanship of Hanfu?

A complete suite usually has three layers: small clothes (underwear), medium clothes, and overcoats. Small clothes include sweat clothes (sweaters) and calf noses. The middle coat includes upper and lower trousers, middle single, curved collar, etc. Overcoats are outerwear, such as deep clothes, round-necked robes, clothes, pleats, skirts, and so on. In addition, there are accessories such as socks, shoes, leather belts, jade belts, shoes, and so on.

In the early Ming Dynasty, the clothes of the Han people were tied with ties and buttons. In the late Ming Dynasty, buttons were more frequently used in conspicuous places, but they were obviously different from those in the Manchu Dynasty.

Couple Hanfu Dress

Hanfu pays attention to “the way of nature, the unity of heaven and man”, which conforms to the human body shape, with different movements and stillness. It is a beautiful and scientific dress.

The Han nationality was originally called Huaxia, so Hanfu is also called Hanyiguan, Huaxia Yiguan. It is one of the oldest national costumes in the world and has a profound impact on the costumes, etiquette, art, and aesthetics of East Asian countries and people.

Does Hanfu Only Refer To The Han Dynasty Clothing?

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