Wear different Hanfu Clothes For Different Occasions

Hanfu, Chinese clothes, we can also see more and more young people wearing Hanfu in our daily life. The significance of Hanfu lies in the combination of tradition and modernity, the combination of classics and popularity, the combination of rationality and the world, and the embracing of diversified aesthetics.

As we all know, ancient society has strict social hierarchy and rules, and one of the important points used to distinguish class superiority and inferiority from the nature of occasions is clothing. From texture to style, from color and pattern patterns, there are strict differentiation limits. We must never put the cart before the horse.

So in ancient China, what are the styles of Hanfu in different occasions?

1. Sacrificial Costume

The sacrificial costume is the dress worn in sacrifice, which is the most solemn dress among all kinds of crown clothes. The following picture shows the sacrificial clothes of the Ming Dynasty.

2. Court Dress

According to many ancient books, sacrificial and court clothes are often used. Although it can be used for sacrifice instead of sacrificial service, its main use is still in the court meeting. It is the clothes of ancient monarchs, ministers, and officials.

3. Official Uniform

The official uniform is a kind of clothing worn by ancient officials when they deal with official affairs in the government office, which is equivalent to the uniform worn by the public servants now. Because it is only used for officials, it is also known as “official uniform”.

4. Wedding Dress

The bright red used in the wedding dress is a traditional Chinese auspicious and festive color, symbolizing warmth, solemnity and wealth, and showing the happy mood of the host and guests.

5. Formal Dress

Formal dress is generally divided into “Ceremonial Dress” and “Grand Dress”.

“Ceremonial Dress” refers to the formal dress used on ceremonial occasions. It is solemn and ceremonious and has great restrictions on the action, including the wedding ceremonies and adult ceremonies.

“Grand Dress”: refers to the dress used for indoor and outdoor festivals and dances, emphasizing the festive atmosphere and colorful colors.

6. Ordinary Clothes

Ordinary clothes are divided into “Casual Dress” and “Light Dress”.

“Casual Dress”: the Han clothing used in daily life, meeting friends and traveling is equivalent to the status of modern ethnic minority’s daily ethnic costume, highlighting national characteristics, elegant and beautiful style, plain and natural color, and convenient action.

“Light Dress”: it is used for sports, outdoor activities or hot summer wear. It is light and durable. When the weather is cool, you can wear a jacket or a jacket; when the weather is hot, you can put on a collar or just a jacket.

In fact, the above distinction is only a general classification, if you add the dynasties, clothing materials, version type and so on, the knowledge is great.

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