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How to choose clothes that suit you is a big problem. If you choose the right style, you can set off your body better. On the contrary, it will not show your advantages but will set off you fatter or shorter.

It’s not only the daily clothes but also the Hanfu dress. Only by buying the Hanfu that suits you can the beauty of Hanfu be fully displayed.

Next, we will find out how to buy the suitable Hanfu according to the characteristics of several different styles of Hanfu.

1.Qixiong Ruqun(齐胸襦裙)

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Many friends who like Hanfu buy the first set of Hanfu, which is Qixiong Ruqun. So what kind of person is suitable to wear Qixiong Ruqun?

First of all, tall girls will be more suitable for Qixiong Ruqun, because the super-high waist Hanfu on the chest can visually lengthen your body line, appear taller, and wear more imposing.

In addition, girls with small breasts are more suitable to wear Qixiong Ruqun, because girls with big breasts will support a section of the bottom of the skirt when they wear Qixiong Ruqun, which gives people a more bloated look. And girls with smaller breasts will look more charming and lovely.

2.Qiyao Ruqun(齐腰襦裙)

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Qiyao Ruqun is generally divided into two parts, one is the Duijin Qiyao Ruqun and the other is the Jiaoling Qiyao Ruqun.

First of all, girls with thick waists are not suitable for Qiyao Ruqun. Because of the way of wearing, Qiyao Ruqun will show more waistline. If the waist is thicker, the waistline will not be so obvious, and the body shape is not very good.

It is more suitable for girls with shoulder width to wear Duijin Qiyao Ruqun. The Duijin Shirt of the Hanfu can reduce people’s attention to the shoulder, and shift people’s attention to the chest.

If your waist-hip difference is relatively large, when you wear Qiyao Hanfu, it’s better to match it with a big sleeve shirt or long Beizi(褙子), which can effectively cover your hips. In addition, it can also modify your body lines, lengthen your body shape, and play the role of showing height and thinness.

3.Tanling Hanfu(坦领汉服)

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What kind of Hanfu is suitable for girls who are not tall and have big breasts? Of course, it’s the Tanling Hanfu.

The necklines of Tanling Hanfu(坦领汉服) are relatively large, so there will be a large area of naked skin under the chest and neck, which can visually reduce the presence of the chest and make the chest look smaller. And most of the lower skirts of the Tanling Hanfu are very thin on the body, so a whole set of Tanling Hanfu will set off a very slim body.

The above are some tips we recommend to buy Hanfu. I believe every friend who loves Hanfu can choose a suitable Hanfu according to his body characteristics.

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