The Gorgeous Beauty Of Mid Tang Dynasty Dress

The Mid Tang Dynasty was a pinnacle of culture, economy, and art in Chinese history. This prosperity was deeply reflected in the Tang Dynasty dress of women. The clothing of women in the Mid Tang Dynasty was not only colorful and diverse but also showcased a sense of opulence and confidence. Let’s explore the characteristics of women’s clothing during this period.

Main Features:

The Gorgeous Beauty Of Mid Tang Dynasty Dress

The dress of the Mid Tang period was known for its richness and variety, presenting a stark contrast to the simpler and more elegant styles of the Early Tang period. The designs were not only aesthetically pleasing but also reflected the confidence and elegance. Here are some main features:

Wide-Sleeved Long Dresses

Women’s tang dynasty dress in this period primarily featured wide-sleeved long dresses. These dresses, with their long skirts touching the ground and wide sleeves, gave a sense of grandeur and elegance.

The design was not only comfortable but also added a touch of magnificence, making the wearer appear noble and graceful.

Chest-High Skirts

Chest-high skirts were extremely popular during the Mid Tang period. These high-waisted skirts started from below the chest, elongating the body and giving a dignified and noble appearance.

The Gorgeous Beauty Of Mid Tang Dynasty Dress

Pibo (Silk Shawls)

Pibo, long strips of silk often draped over the shoulders, added layers and elegance to the outfit. These shawls made women look more graceful and ethereal, adding a touch of softness and fluidity to their overall look.

Vibrant Colors and Complex Patterns

The Tang Dynasty dress in this period featured vibrant colors such as red, yellow, green, and blue.
The dresses were embroidered with intricate patterns and motifs like dragons, phoenixes, and flowers, showcasing the advanced embroidery techniques of the Tang Dynasty.

The Gorgeous Beauty Of Mid Tang Dynasty Dress

Varied Hairstyles

Women’s hairstyles in the Mid Tang period were highly diverse, with common styles including high buns, double buns, and coiled buns.

These hairstyles were often elaborate and paired with luxurious hair accessories like hairpins and step shakes, enhancing the overall aesthetic.

Exquisite Makeup

The makeup of the Mid Tang period was bright and vivid. Women typically used white powder as a base, drew thin willow-leaf eyebrows, applied red lipstick, and added rouge to their cheeks. Face decorations such as huadian (forehead flowers) and xiehong (cheek decorations) were also popular, making the makeup look delicate and splendid.

This makeup style not only highlighted personal beauty but also reflected the prosperity and openness of the society.

The Gorgeous Beauty Of Mid Tang Dynasty Dress

After understanding the characteristics of women’s clothing in the Mid Tang Dynasty, we can see that while the Early Tang Dynasty also had its unique beauty, but its styles were much simpler compared to those of the Mid Tang Dynasty.

Early Tang Dyansty:

Clothing in the Early Tang Dyansty primarily featured narrow-sleeved tops and high-waisted long skirts. The overall style was relatively simple and elegant. This design not only highlighted the elegance of women but also maintained a sense of natural beauty.

Mid Tang Dyansty:

In contrast, the clothing of the Mid Tang Dyansty was wide and luxurious, with bright colors and intricate patterns. The design and decoration of the dresses placed greater emphasis on showcasing the beauty and status of women.

The Gorgeous Beauty Of Mid Tang Dynasty Dress

To understand the changes in women’s clothing during the Mid Tang Dynasty, we need to explore the influencing factors. The economic prosperity, cultural exchanges, and social status all contributed to the luxurious and diverse clothing styles.

Economic Prosperity

The economic prosperity of the Mid Tang Dynasty provided abundant resources. The widespread use of high-quality materials like silk and advanced embroidery techniques made women’s clothing more luxurious.

Cultural Exchanges

As a crucial point on the Silk Road, the Tang Dynasty experienced frequent cultural exchanges that brought diverse clothing styles.

Elements of foreign attire were integrated into Tang clothing, adding variety and innovation. These exchanges enriched the designs and facilitated cultural fusion and creativity.

Social Status

Women in the Tang Dynasty enjoyed relatively high social status, and the pursuit of beauty and fashion became an important part of their daily lives.

Luxurious clothing and exquisite makeup were not only expressions of personal beauty but also symbols of status and identity. This elevation of social status provided women with more choices and opportunities in their fashion pursuits.

The Gorgeous Beauty Of Mid Tang Dynasty Dress

The women’s clothing of the Mid Tang Dynasty is a reflection of an era, showcasing the beauty and confidence of Tang women.

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