Do you know the characteristics of embroidery in various dynasties of Hanfu?

Embroidery, known as needle embroidery in ancient times, is a kind of technology that uses an embroidery needle to guide color thread, embroiders and transports the designed patterns on textiles, and forms patterns with embroidery traces.Because embroidery is mostly made by women, it belongs to an important part of “needlework”.

According to the records of the book of history, the system of Zhang Fu, which was more than 4000 years ago, stipulated that “clothes should be painted while clothes should be embroidered.”

Today, let’s take a look at the embroidery features of different dynasties!

(only partial pattern and process reference are provided in the following drawings)

Han Dynasty

The motifs of embroidery are mostly wavy cloud patterns, flying birds, and animals, as well as ribbon patterns and geometric patterns commonly seen in Han mirror patterns.

Tang Dynasty

In the Tang Dynasty, besides the Buddha figures, the landscape flowers and birds also gradually flourished, and the composition was lively and the colors were bright.

The use of gold and silver thread to coil the outline of the pattern and strengthen the three-dimensional sense of objects is an innovation of embroidery in Tang Dynasty at that time.

Song Dynasty

In order to achieve the vivid artistic conception of calligraphy and painting, embroidery in the Song Dynasty had a plan before embroidery and tended to be exquisite.

Ming Dynasty

Although Gu embroidery is the most famous embroidery in the Ming Dynasty, what we want to talk about today is the embroidery pattern commonly used in the clothes worn by royal family members, officials, and their wives: “Beijing embroidery”.

Beijing embroidery, also known as palace embroidery, began to flourish in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It was mostly used for court decoration and clothing. It was made of exquisite materials, exquisite technology, and elegant style. Most of the high-grade palace embroidery in the folk had countless ties with the imperial palace.

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