5 Sets of Tang Dynasty Hanfu – Elegant & Gorgeous

The Tang Dynasty was the heyday of China’s feudal society. The economy was prosperous, the social life was prosperous, the nationalities were mingled, and the trade and cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries were frequent. It not only inherits and develops the tradition of our nation but also absorbs a lot of foreign dress forms.

If you dream back to the Tang Dynasty, everyone will have a feeling of the prosperous Tang Dynasty and see the charm of the Tang Dynasty. It was a prosperous period, it was a legend, and the stories depicted the existence of the epic of Chang’an city. Numerous works of modern people dream back to the Tang Dynasty with images. Fashion Hanfu here to select a few groups of works, a taste of elegant interest.

1. The dress of noble ladies in the period of emperor Zhaozong of the Tang Dynasty

At this time, aristocratic women wore colorful clothes, long skirts, hair combed in a high bun, full of flower hairpin, showing elegant.

2. The dress of ladies in Wenzong period of Tang Dynasty

Since the Mid Tang Dynasty, the dress of the ladies became more and more extensive, and even the long skirts with several feet on the ground appeared.

3. Ladies in the prosperous Tang Dynasty

4.Tang Dynasty clothing

5.Tang Dynasty clothing

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