The Most Suitable Hanfu Style For Summer – Beizi 2020

Among all the Hanfu made in the Song Dynasty, it is a stream of pure and elegant, because it is not only fresh and beautiful but also some styles are relatively fashionable and daily.

Beizi is cool and elegant. Wearing it for a long time not only won’t be stuffy but also can play the role of modern sunscreen shirt. It’s the best choice in summer.

The top of the Song Dynasty Hanfu is mainly Beizi. Beizi is divided into long and short styles. Most of what we see in our daily life are long Beizi.The traditional long Beizi is very long in length and can reach the middle of the lower leg or even the ankle of the wearer, which can make the body more slender and slender.

Beizi is not just an ordinary long shirt. There are two or three finger wide ribbons on the cuff and the edge of the garment.This not only can play a role in protecting clothes, but also can make the whole clothes more texture.

In addition to Beizi, the song made top also has airplane sleeves. From our current point of view, this is a relatively loose version of the sunscreen jacket.

There are two ways to wear an aircraft sleeve jacket. One is to wear it as a Duijin. The hem is placed directly outside the waist of the lower skirt. This will make it more lively and fresh.

The second way is to wear it by Jiaoling. The hem is directly tucked into the waist of the skirt. This kind of dress will look more capable, everyday and suitable for various occasions.

After looking at the top of the Song Dynasty Hanfu, let’s take a look at the bottoms in the Song Dynasty Hanfu.

Classic Pleated skirt

This kind of skirt is more suitable for the girl with a slim figure. It can set off the figure of a person very slim and straight.

Atmospheric Two piece skirt

The two-piece skirt is the most fashionable one among all the styles of Hanfu. Just like the buttock skirt we are wearing now, it can be perfectly integrated with the fashion without any violation.

Fashionable Song Pants

The upper body wears a camisole, the lower part wears song pants, and the outer part is combined with single Beizi or multi-layer Beizi, which gives people a fresh and elegant feeling.

Beizi has become one of the daily favorite styles of contemporary Hanfu lovers. Combined with different materials, the derived styles are becoming more and more fashionable.

Is such a fashionable and fresh song made Hanfu your favorite style?

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