Aoqun, a traditional Han Chinese attire, showcases the elegance of ancient women’s fashion. It consists of a hanfu jacket (Ao) worn on the upper body and a skirt (qun) on the lower body.

The Aoqun style has been prevalent from the Tang Dynasty to the Republic of China, with the Ming Dynasty’s jacket and skirt being the most recognized form in modern times. The term “Ao & Qun” refers to the Ming Dynasty’s double-layered upper jacket and single-layered lower skirt with lining.

The Ao top gradually replaced the Ru shirt as daily winter wear from the Tang Dynasty onwards. Throughout the Song, Ming, and Qing Dynasties, the Ao coat retained its signature long sleeves and side slits. In the Tang to Jin Dynasties, a separate slit at the back, known as the back-open Ao, became a distinct feature.

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