8 Modern Chinese Dress Hanfu Recommended In Summer 2020

At the beginning of summer, the weather has gradually become hot. At this time, the question of what to wear today becomes a puzzle.So today we’re going to share some suitable for early summer wear, for friends’ reference only

Natural fabrics are more suitable for wearing in summer. These kinds of fabrics are more breathable and sweat absorbing, so they are not easy to be stuffy in summer. Silk and cotton are very close to the skin and are suitable for close fitting.

Recommendation 1:

Song Dynasty made Hanfu is really suitable for summer. The fabric is light and breathable. The outer Beizhi is not only fashionable but also cool, which is very suitable for summer.

Recommendation 2:

The color of this half arm dress is very simple and elegant, which gives people a cool feeling visually.Although the clothing is a simple solid color style, but its material with exquisite embroidery, so the clothes will not appear too monotonous.Whether it’s spring or summer, it’s amazing.

Recommendation 3:

Qiyao Ruqun is a kind of Chinese clothing style preferred by girls. This set of Chinese elements Qiyao Ruqun is simple and elegant in color, showing graceful temperament. It is worth mentioning that white with light blue gives people a refreshing feeling.

Recommendation 4:

Chiffon has always been able to bring a cool feeling, but also very popular in summer. This modern Hanfu dress is a retro Ruqun with sweet and pure color. The selection of high-quality chiffon fabric will not only have a little semi transparent sex appeal, but also bring a cool feeling.

Recommendation 5:

Hot summer should match this refreshing green.Light and soft green clothes, printed with beautiful embroidery patterns, give people a feeling of summer, this season is just right to wear out.

Recommendation 6:

Song made this versatile skirt, full of fashion sense, pink Beizi, light blue skirt, and this summer is very matching.

Recommendation 7:

Beizhi with skirt is more suitable for summer wear, walking is also relatively simple.The fabric of the skirt in the picture is chiffon, soft and comfortable, which is very suitable for wearing in summer. In addition, the flower pattern of the dress is more exquisite, which has a strong cultural atmosphere.

Recommendation 8:

This dress is light and breathable and doesn’t feel hot.The classic waist closing design shows the classic charm while restoring the ancient style.

Summer is a good season to wear Hanfu. As long as you adjust the collocation of Hanfu, you can also become a gentle lady. Put on a Hanfu that suits you, put on delicate makeup, Hanfu has its own quiet atmosphere, you will see different yourself.

This is the end of today’s introduction about how to wear Hanfu in summer. Beautiful Hanfu is also Chinese culture. I hope more and more people will realize the beauty of Chinese dress Hanfu.

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