The Difference Between Modern and Traditional Chinese Clothing

As an integrated cultural system, Hanfu can contain totally different expressions at the same time. The ancient traditional Hanfu is a way of expression, and the daily Hanfu with modern style is also a way of expression. We should treat the traditional and modern Hanfu with an inclusive attitude.

Now let’s take a look at the differences between traditional and modern Hanfu?

The traditional dress of Han Dynasty is elegant, like a cloud of immortals. Modern Hanfu pays more attention to the beauty in details. After all, the pursuit of “beauty” may be one of the reasons why young people like Hanfu. Therefore, the current Hanfu is not limited to restoration, but focuses more on the beauty and convenience.


Traditional Hanfu: in the Ming Dynasty, because of the cold weather at that time, the cross collar design of the jacket was very high, almost covering the whole neck.

Modern Hanfu: but the jacket and collar of the current Hanfu are very shallow, more beautiful, and more modern.

Modern Hanfu


Traditional Hanfu: due to the limited colors in ancient Han Dynasty, the most common colors in ancient Hanfu are cinnabar, indigo, azure and other common minerals or plant pigments.

Modern Hanfu: due to the continuous improvement of skills, modern Hanfu is also more diversified in color and closer to the attitude of young people in pursuit of fashion.

Traditional Hanfu


Traditional Hanfu: in fact, there are no pockets in ancient Hanfu, which may be inconvenient for us;

Modern Hanfu: a hidden pocket will be designed in the sleeve of modern Hanfu, which is convenient for large families to install mobile phones and some small items. It can be said that it is very close to life and humanized.

Male Hanfu

Both the ancient and the improved Hanfu are the embodiment of the traditional costume culture of the Han nationality in China. To sum up, the traditional Hanfu has the classical charm of the traditional Hanfu, and the modern Hanfu has the changeable style and strong aura of the modern Hanfu.

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