Combination of Traditional Hanfu and Western Elements 2020

When Hanfu has been widely used, ordinary Hanfu can no longer meet the needs of Hanfu enthusiasts. Therefore, there is a fashion trend of combining traditional Hanfu with Western elements in China.

What is the mix and match of “Oriental” and “western” style? This is what we call the “Chinese and Western” style. Just like the improvement of cheongsam, it combines the modern elements of western style with the classical elegance of Chinese style.

Hanfu and Western Accessories

In our traditional concept, Hanfu always seems to be matched with accessories such as round fans, hairpins and embroidered shoes, while the brand-new western style starts with some small accessories. The change of some small accessories will not destroy the original national style of Hanfu to a great extent, but also make the whole match full of freshness. For example:

1) Small Hat
First of all, the most iconic small hat in western style is used to replace the hairpin with Hanfu. The whole style instantly adds a trace of French style. With the addition of a small top hat, the formal Hanfu suddenly has a sense of small western style.

However, in order to improve the fit, it is suggested that we choose the small top hat with the same color as the Hanfu, so that the whole collocation is not easy to appear abrupt yo!

2) Yunjian/ Pearl Necklace

Many Ming Dynasty style Hanfu will use Yunjian and other accessories. Yunjian is the embroidered shawl made of cloud patterns. With a cloud shoulder, it will not only make the collocation more delicate and gorgeous in visual effect but also use an elegant pearl necklace to match cloud shoulder, which makes it more exquisite and noble!

3) Pearl belt

Hanfu is exquisite, gorgeous, and has a rich cultural heritage, which is a very attractive place. However, in terms of modern aesthetics, many Hanfu lack waist design and can not highlight women’s curves.

At this time, we can use a pearl belt on it, not only to highlight the waist, but also to achieve the purpose of showing thin in visual effect, and to create a compromise between Chinese and foreign The effect.

4) Lace Gloves

Lace is a rare element in Hanfu. The collocation of lace gloves and Hanfu is full of new ideas, but lace gloves are very common in western traditional clothing, so the collocation of lace gloves and Hanfu is also a good Chinese foreign compromise bold attempt, and the lace element will make people appear more gentle and amorous feelings.

5) Folding fan

As a common accessory in ancient times, circular fan often appears together with Hanfu. This kind of collocation is rather lazy. If you want to create western style, it is better to replace it with folding fan. Folding fan is more sharp than round fan, and we can also choose folding fan of different materials according to the style of Hanfu.

Hanfu in Modern Architecture or Attractions

In modern buildings or scenic spots, when buildings full of human wisdom and sense of science and technology meet the traditional Hanfu, they are full of charm.

Western Festivals

Western festivals can also reflect the beauty of Hanfu!

Innovation of Fabrics and Patterns of Hanfu

There are many people who like Hanfu, among which young people are the backbone. Young people are active in thinking and like to mix and match creatively.

For example, more and more Hanfu fabrics are not limited to traditional silk, hemp, silk and satin, but lace elements full of girlish feeling are gradually emerging.

The combination of traditional Chinese costumes and Western elements not only breaks the original restrictions of traditional clothing, but also makes the collocation more innovative.

It is also another collision between Chinese traditional culture and Western culture, which makes Chinese traditional Han clothing integrate more fashion beauty.

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