2020 What Should I Do When The Qixiong Ruqun Always Falls Off?

What should I do if Qixiong Ruqun keeps dropping when you wear Hanfu?

For newcomers who are new to Hanfu, Qixiong Ruqun’s style is simple and feminine, and it’s not too exaggerated. Moreover, Qixiong Ruqun is very simple to wear. Generally, it is a complete set of Hanfu suits matched by merchants.

It is usually a complete set of Hanfu that is matched by the business. You don’t need to be too tangled, and you can wear them at the same time. Your favorite style. It doesn’t need to be too tangled, and can also wear the style you like.

Qixong Ruqun

The difficulty is that the way to wear Qixiong Ruqun is simple, but because most of the suits are made of cool upper and heavy lower ones, so the lower ones often fall down due to weight, so you have to re-tied from time to time to prevent them from falling down!

Solution: find the right way to dress

Generally, the reason why Ruqun frequently falls down is that when wearing Ruqun, the dressing method is wrong. Let’s talk about these dressing skills today.

Skill 1: two piece Ruqun with bent waist

Most of the friends will choose a two-piece Ruqun when they buy Hanfu Ruqun. At this time, our dressing skill is to bend down, tie the one behind, and then tie the belt in front of us, so that we can firmly fix the Ru skirt on us.

Skill 2: learn more about several lacing methods

If your previous tie-up method is to tie the belt behind you first, and then the belt in front of you, but it still can’t stop your Ru skirt from falling down, then you need to learn several more ways to tie up the Ru skirt of Han Dynasty at this time!

Either butterfly belt, or twist tie method. I recommend the double ear tie method, which is more reliable.

Skill 3: Hanfu strap rope

If you have tried the above two methods, you may need a kind of “Hanfu strap” at this time, just like the strap rope of our usual trousers, which can bind the Ru skirt tightly.

However, it should be noted that at this time, your Hanfu must be matched with a large sleeve shirt to cover the strap rope!

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