Dressing Course – How To Wear A Cross Collar Hanfu Dress Quickly

Jiaoling Ruqun is the most basic style of Chinese Hanfu. It was popular in Han, Tang, Song and Ming Dynasties. Do you know how to wear a Jiaoling Ruqun?

Step 1:

Put on shangru and tie the right part of shangru

Step 2:

Adjust the center seam, and then tie the left part of shangru

Step 3:

Adjust the shangru so that the middle seam is aligned in the middle

Step 4:

Unfold a piece of lower skirt, and put the skirt at the waistline behind, and place the part with hole close to the waist side

Step 5:

Pass the tie on the other side through the opening and adjust the center seam of the top again so that the center seam is aligned

Step 6:

Wrap the remaining draped skirt around the waist

Step 7:

At this time, the two ties are crossed behind and tightened

Step 8:

Tie the two ties around the front of the body, tie them and adjust the center seam for the last time

Step 9:

Turn the two ties over (i.e. exchange positions)

Step 10:

First of all, wrap one side of the lace up into the waist, and wrap it to the front of the waist (the length you like)

Step 11:

Don’t pull the tie out completely in the last round of winding to form a small hole. Pull the down tie through the small hole to form an “ear”. Adjust the length of the “ear” you like.

Step 12:

Repeat on the other side, and the double ear knot is complete.

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