Dressing Course | 5 Minutes To Teach You How To Wear Hanfu – Duijin Ruqun

Duijin Qiyao Ruqun is a kind of Ruqun. The upper Confucians had a straight collar and a symmetrical lapel, so it was called Duijin Ruqun. The upper garment is short and the lower garment is long. The upper garment is tied with a tie and the hem is often tied into the skirt. Duijin Qiyao Ruqun is often worn with a bra or sling, which reflects a symmetrical beauty.

How to wear HanfuDuijin Ruqun? Follow us, 5 minutes to teach you how to wear Duijin Ruqun.

1. Wear a bra or a sling

2. Put on the upper Ru and tie the upper Ru tie

3. Unfold a piece of lower skirt, put the skirt at the waist line behind the back, and place the part with hole close to the waist side

4. Pass the tie wrap on the other side through the opening

5. Wrap the remaining draped skirt around the waist and cross the two ties behind you

6. At this time, put a second separate tie around the waist

7. Tie the two sides around the front of the body and tie and fix it

(The method of ligation can refer to: How to wear Jiaoling Ruqun? )

Completed, the above is Hanfu dress Duijin Ruqun’s dressing tutorial. I hope it can help you.

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