How To Buy Chinese Traditional Dress Hanfu Clothing

As a traditional Chinese costume, Hanfu not only interprets the unique Chinese clothing culture but also shows the long history of Chinese traditional costume.

So how to buy a suitable Hanfu for yourself? Fashion Hanfu explains to you how to choose the most suitable Hanfu from the aspects of fabric, pattern, and style.

1. Fabric

The quality of the fabric determines whether the Hanfu is high-grade or not. If the fabric is too rough, even if the style is good-looking, it will give people a low-cost rough feeling, not only won’t let you beauty down all living beings, but also give people a strange feeling, without the softness and delicacy of Hanfu.

The fabrics of classical Hanfu are mainly divided into brocade, silk, silk, Luo, silk, cloth, cotton, hemp, yarn, etc. Modern Hanfu materials are mainly divided into chiffon, silk, cotton and hemp, blended cotton and hemp.

In a word, no matter what kind of fabric you choose, the most important thing is to breathe. Don’t choose Hanfu with bad materials just for the sake of small and cheap. It will not only damage your skin, but also affect the overall beauty of Hanfu.

Hanfu itself is smart, elegant, natural, and unrestrained, and the bad material can not reflect the characteristics of Hanfu.

2. Colors

The color of the clothes determines the texture of our whole clothes. Different colors present different effects.

If the patterns and colors of Hanfu are fresh and elegant, simple and very generous, you will feel fresh and elegant when you wear them. And the embroidery on the clothes will highlight the overall high-end, let you look very elegant.

The Qiyao Ruqun with long and wide sleeves is suitable for fresh and elegant colors, but not for darker colors. Because the Qiyao Ruqun is elegant and solemn in style, and it will be very old-fashioned to choose a deep color.

The choice of color of Qixiong Ruqun is relatively free. The elegant color or deep color has its own characteristics.

3. Style

Besides the colors and fabrics, the style is also very important.

“Qixiong Ruqun” is a Tang style Hanfu. The skirt is tied up at the armpit to expose the beautiful neck and clavicle of the girls. Coupled with a looming long sleeve top, it can be said that the ancient people’s inherent, implicit, and sexy are vividly reflected.

The TanLing Ruqun is also a kind of Tang style Hanfu. Different from the cumbersome design of the Qixiong Ruqun, the sleeve design with a straight collar and half arm gives the Hanfu a little more natural and unrestrained meaning.

From the Tang Dynasty to the Song Dynasty, the more conservative Jiao Ling Ru skirt emerged quietly. It is made of a cross necked jacket and a skirt tied around the waist. Compared with the Tang Dynasty clothing, it is more implicit and graceful.

Aoqun is a typical upper and lower garment style. It is a festival dress of modern Hanfu, which is dignified and solemn.

Of course, wearing Hanfu, wearing silk, with the official fan, will have more charm, these small accessories are also very important, will highlight your beauty in the invisible.

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