Horse Face Skirts: 6 Kinds Traditional And Modern Collocations – 2021

Structure and History

Horse Face Skirt(马面裙), in the “General History of Chinese Clothing”, the horse face skirt is described as follows: “there are folds on both sides, the skirt door and back are decorated with patterns, and there are skirt waist and lace upon it.”

Horse face skirt was very popular in the Ming Dynasty, from empress to ordinary people. However, according to different classes and occasions, the material, pattern, and color of horse face skirts are also different.

The horse face skirt in the Ming Dynasty was simple in color and simple in pattern. In the Qing Dynasty, the horse face skirt gradually changed to elegance. The colors and patterns become more and more colorful, especially the outer skirt door. People have added many auspicious patterns on the outer skirt door, such as auspicious eight treasures, flowers, birds, insects, and butterflies.

Occasion and Collocation

In modern times, horse face skirts can be worn on any occasion, but need to pay attention to the requirements of color, material, and pattern of horse face skirts on different occasions.

For example, you can wear a light plain horse face skirt in your daily life, which is convenient for daily action. At the solemn ceremony, you can wear a horse face skirt with heavy patterns and gorgeous patterns, which is in line with the solemn and solemn atmosphere of the occasion at that time.

For another example, the current Ming Dynasty wedding dress usually wears a blue or red horse face skirt. Traditionally, lined skirts and trousers should also be worn in horse face skirts.

Horse face skirts can not only match with Hanfu clothes but also mix and match with ordinary clothes. Let’s enjoy the traditional Hanfu clothes of the Ming Dynasty – horse face skirt, traditional and modern wearing methods of different styles.

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