7 Most Classic Hanfu Pose Male 2020

How do men pose in Hanfu photography?Today,share with you 12 most classic hanfu pose.


Using props, or holding a paper umbrella, or holding a flute in hand, a guqin, a folding fan, with a strong classical flavor of Hanfu, it seems like an old aristocratic childe.


If you hold on to your glasses, or tidy up your sleeves, you can also go up the stairs and capture the dynamic moment with your hands and feet. The photos you take will have a sense of story.


Not looking at the camera, but looking at the distance or toes, taking a natural feeling of being caught inadvertently.


Try to shoot from multiple angles, such as side face, half face, or sitting.


As the saying goes, a person’s God is expressed from the eyes. Eyes in place, all movements will be natural.


The figure of the back can show the loneliness of the characters, or the strong and mysterious sense of the characters. So the figure of the far away or standing figure, combined with the environment, sometimes can achieve unexpected feeling.


Squatting or sitting posture, easy to combine the environment, create emotions, and the overall sense of the story.

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