What is the difference between Chinese Hanfu and Japanese kimono

Hanfu, the full name of which is “traditional costume of Han nationality”, has a unique style and character of Han nationality. Hanfu influenced the whole Han culture circle through Confucianism and the Chinese legal system. Some Asian nations, such as Japan, North Korea, and so on, all used the characteristics of Hanfu for reference.

The kimono is the national costume of Japan. The kimono is developed from the Hanfu, so it is called “Wu Fu” and “Tang Yi” in Japan. It is the appellation of Wu Fu by Westerners.

Because Japanese kimono and Chinese Han clothing have the same origin. Hanfu is often mistaken for kimono. In fact, there are obvious differences between the two. The main differences are as follows:

1. The overall style is different: The Han suit is elegant and free, and the beauty is smart. The kimono is restrained and quiet, and the beauty lies in modesty.

Chinese Hanfu
Japanese kimono

2. Different cutting and making:

a. Front piece: the front left piece of Hanfu is a whole piece of cloth, and the right piece is mostly half cloth. The front left and right pieces of the kimono are half cloth.

b. Neckline: Hanfu collar is cut out. Kimono Cross collar is cut according to the label, and it is cross collar when wearing.

Chinese Hanfu Neckline
Japanese Kimono Neckline

c. Sleeve: wide sleeve Hanfu, soft lines, cuffs are open. Kimono sleeves are straight and right-angled, stitched at the bottom and open at the back.

d.Waistband: Hanfu is tied with a broad belt. The kimono is wrapped in cloth.

e. Train: the train of Hanfu is larger than that of kimono;

f. Edge: Hanfu collar, cuff, train have an edge; kimono only collar edge.

Chinese Hanfu
Japanese kimono

The above is the difference between Han and kimono, and the following is the difference between male Hanfu and male kimono.

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