What’s The Difference Between Chinese Hanfu And Korean Hanbok

Hanfu is a traditional national costume inherited by the Han nationality for thousands of years, and it can best reflect the characteristics of the Han nationality. The main features of Hanfu are lapel and lapel on the right side. Instead of buttons, they are tied with ropes, giving people the impression of free and easy. These characteristics are obviously different from other ethnic costumes.

Korean Hanbok is the combination of Chinese Tang Dynasty Hanfu and Korean nationality’s native clothing in the period of ancient Silla Kingdom on the Korean Peninsula, and developed through continuous “national localization”.

The following example shows you the difference between Hanfu and Hanbok at a glance:

1. Qixiong Ruqun made in Tang Dynasty and Chiguli Skirt in Korean

Tang made Qixiong Ruqun: The upper garment is in the skirt, with various knotting methods, and the lower garment has a strong drooping feeling;

Chiguli Skirt in Korean : The upper garment is worn outside the skirt, with only half an ear knot, and the lower skirt is even with the chest canopy;

Hanbok: Chiguri Skirt

2. Ming made Aoqun and Korean Chiguri Skirt

The way the tie is tied is completely different. See the picture below.

Hanbok: Chiguri Skirt

3. The Ming Dynasty Cape (Long Beizi) and Korean Broad Clothes

Beizi is a kind of Hanfu, which started in the Sui Dynasty and was popular in the Song and Ming Dynasties. Women regard it as a kind of daily dress and a kind of regular dress inferior to big dress, which is worn in all seasons;

The Korean Broad Clothes originated from the Long Beizi worn by the Han nationality in the Ming Dynasty. They are the formal dresses of the Korean Princess and Weng Zhu. They represent longevity, luck and wealth in Korean culture. At the same time, broad dress is also the wedding dress for royal women and noble women.

Hanbok: Broad Clothes

4. Chinese Hanfu short Beizi and Korean Tangyi

Chinese Hanfu is a straight collar, Korean Tangyi is from Hanfu short Beizi, which is y-collar and still uses half ear knot.

Hanbok: Tang Clothes

Chinese civilization has a long history. Since Qin and Han Dynasties, China has been influencing East Asia, Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, including the influence of clothing culture.

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