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Hanfu is the inheritance of Chinese clothing culture. All kinds of ornaments are indispensable for wearing Hanfu. A hairband is one of the important decorations. Hairbands are very common in daily Hanfu makeup. Even though there is only a small one, it can surprise your style.

Hairstyle 1

This is the most common way to wear a headband. The specific method of wearing is to tie a bow to the back of the hair, and then fix it with a U-shaped clip. It is often used for coiled hair and ponytail.

Usually, this dressing method is mainly used to modify the sunken shape of hair and increase the color matching highlights of hair.

Hairstyle 2

The hairband can also be used as a headdress, as shown in the figure below. This hairstyle is very suitable for the Song Dynasty Hanfu.

First, tie a side ponytail, pay attention to the position that is not too high, and then weave a twist together with the hairband, then go around the head to the other side, and finally, use an invisible hair clip to fix. Because the hairband is in a more obvious position. Therefore, in the choice of the hairband, it is best to use embroidery, so that the hair band hanging down on one side will not appear monotonous.

Hairstyle 3

First, comb a side ponytail, and then still weave twist. Put the whole braid on the head and fix it with U-clip. Finally, use the hairband around the flower bud, leaving a little hairband hanging down.

This hairstyle can clearly see the side of the hairband, so choose rich embroidery, colorful hairband, the effect will be very good.

Hairstyle 4

This kind of hairstyle is more fashionable and romantic.

At first, it is still the same, make an oblique horsetail, and then take out the hairband and wrap it around the head like a headband. The key point is that there must be some hair in front of your forehead so that you can feel young and girly. After winding, braid the hair and hairband together.

Hairstyle 5

This hairstyle is very immortal. Try to choose a solid color for the hairband, so as not to affect the beauty of the hairstyle itself.

Tie your hair in a ponytail and split it into two strands. Weave them separately. Two braids are fixed on the head with U-clip, showing a wing shape. Then take out the hairband and tie it in the middle part. The rest of the hairband will hang down naturally and put on the left and right sides.

Hairstyle 6

A more neutral hair band wearing method, need to tie a contract in the top of the head, then tie the hairband, perfectly completed.

Usually, this kind of wearing method is used in Wuxia style Hanfu.

In fact, for Hanfu accessories, the hairstyle with a hairband is the most concise and practical. The hairband seems simple, but there are infinite possibilities. Have you learned about different hairstyles with hairbands?

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