Three Minutes To Quickly Learn Two Versatile Hanfu Hairstyle Tutorial

Today, I’d like to introduce to you two kinds of hairstyle course of Hanfu that can be matched with hair crown. It can be used for everyday travel or taking photos.

Hanfu Hairstyle (Type 1)

1. First of all, we divide our hair into three areas, and then tie up all the hair behind us;

2. Braid it into a braid after tying it up;

3. Then put it on the top of the head and fix it;

4. The hair in the front area is divided into two parts, and the hair in the front part must be kept more;

5. Then fix it with a clip at the back and top of the ear;

6. The rest of the hair is used to cover our slightly bald hairline. This time, it is fixed with a clip behind the ear;

7. Wrap the tail of hair on the ball and fix it after winding;

8. Take out a piece of wig, divide it into two parts and fix it on the ball;

9. Half of the hair is wrapped on the ball. Remember to fix the tail of the hair;

10. The other half of the hair is also reversed around the ball;

11. Finally put on the hair net and it’s finished.

Put on the headdress and finish the first daily hairstyle of Hanfu.

Hanfu Hairstyle (Type 2)

1. Remove the headdress from the front, and then take out a piece of wig and fix it in the back of the head;

2. Take out a wisp of hair on both sides, first take a strand of hair around the top of the head, and flow out a pair of “ears”. The size of “ears” can be adjusted to the appropriate position by themselves;

3. It’s the same on the other side. It’s perfect.

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