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The hairstyle of Hanfu is characterized by its hairstyle and crown, which can not only reflect the beautiful appearance of ancient women but also show the characteristics of age and identity.

What kind of hairstyle should be worn with the ancient Chinese costume bearing the Chinese etiquette culture? Today, we will introduce the 9 common hairstyles of Hanfu to highlight the unique cultural temperament of “the country of clothing” and “the state of etiquette”.

Style 1: Home bun

At the end of the Tang Dynasty, the women in the capital combed their hair and held their faces on their temples. They were shaped like a vertebral bun.

Style 2: Horse bun

She wears a low bun and sweeps her eyebrows. All-day Acacia, just for the king haggard.

Style 3: Cross bun

It is named after its “cross” shape. The hair is sparse and the bun is crossed vertically.

Style 4: Black bun

“Miao custom Ji Wen”: the woman’s bun is a foot high, graceful and forehead, like overlapping and sharp.

Style 5: Double bun

Style 6: Startled Swan bun

Wei palace people like to draw long eyebrows, make moth eyebrows, startled bun. It is shaped like a bird’s wings.

Style 7: Single bun

The bun is loose and moistened with jade, and the cherry lips are printed with pearl red.

Style 8: Single knife and half bun

In the early Tang Dynasty, it was popular in the palace.

Style 9: High bun

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