6 Different Types of Chinese Hanfu Collar – Do You Know Them All?

After the evolution of different dynasties, there are many styles and collar types. Today, Fashion Hanfu will introduce 6 common collar types of Chinese Hanfu for you.

1. JiaoLing (Cross collar)

JiaoLing (Cross collar) Hanfu is a kind of collar type often seen in Hanfu, which is a typical feature of Hanfu collar type. Jiao Ling, as the name implies, refers to the front of the garment left and right intersection.

The lapel of Hanfu is usually covered to the right with the letter Y, called the right lapel. The characteristics of right Lapel appeared at the beginning of the birth of Hanfu and have been continuing and influencing some ethnic costumes with deep Sinicization. It is the most original, basic, and a core feature of Hanfu.

JiaoLing (Cross collar)

2. TanLing (Tan collar)

TanLing (Tan collar), also known as u-collar, is one of the Han collar types. It is a kind of short coat developed by ShangRu since Wei and Jin Dynasties. It was very popular in the Tang Dynasty. So you can see a lot of this kind of dress in Dunhuang murals.

The clothing with flat collar is usually tight, such as narrow sleeves and narrow waist. This trend was particularly obvious in the early Tang Dynasty, which was obviously influenced by the “Hu Culture”.

TanLing (Tan collar)

3. LiLing (Standing Collar)

The LiLing (standing collar) of Han nationality’s dress is the Ming vertical collar, which is characterized by square angle, thin and high. The collar is usually decorated with two metal buttons, so this kind of clothing is also known as “buttoned jacket”.

There are mainly two styles of the Ming vertical collar: one is the big breasted jacket (i.e. the slant front: it is different from the flag man’s factory word placket, which is straight slant Lapel to armpit tie); the other is the pair of lapel.

LiLing (Standing Collar)

4. ZhiLing (Straight Collar)

Zhiling (Straight collar) is common in Tuizi, Bijia and ruskirt. Compared with the Liling (stand collar), this collar is soft and comfortable.

ZhiLing (Straight Collar)

5. YuanLing (Round Collar)

No matter in ancient or modern times, the Yuanling (round collar) is a very common type. The collar is round in shape, covered with hard lining, and has buttons on the neckline. The round collar robe can be traced back to the early Han Dynasty and became popular in the Sui and Tang Dynasties.

Today, the Yuanling has already become the collar type that is worn all over the street, such as the T-shirt with round neck. Such basic T-shirt once became the first version of various fashion bloggers.

YuanLing (Round Collar)

6.FangLing (Square Collar)

As the name suggests, it is a FangLing (square collar). The square collar is most common in Bijia, half sleeve, and other Hanfu.

The temperament of the Fang Ling is very complicated. On the one hand, Fang Ling clothes have sharp edges and sharp lines, which make them more popular in men’s wear; on the other hand, Fang Ling has a sense of playfulness, so many women in ancient times also like to wear Fang Ling.

FangLing (Square Collar)

The above is the common collar type of Hanfu. I hope this article can help you.

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