Early Tang Dynasty Women’s Clothing Introduction

In the early Tang Dynasty, with the unification of society and the revival of the economy, the Tang Dynasty exhibited a confident and open cultural atmosphere. This spirit was reflected not only in politics and economics but also deeply influenced the clothing and social customs of the time. The Tang Dynasty women’s clothing, in particular, showcased an unprecedented elegance and confidence.


In the early Tang Dynasty, women’s clothing primarily featured slender garments. Narrow-sleeved tops paired with high-waisted long dresses were the mainstream. The high-waisted design of the dresses appeared elegant and dignified. This design not only accentuated the women’s body curves but also added a touch of grace.


The makeup of early Tang Dynasty women was relatively simple, inheriting the style of the previous era, but gradually evolving towards a brighter look.

The women’s eyebrow shapes were diverse, ranging from thin willow-leaf eyebrows to bold moth eyebrows, with various styles being popular. Flower ornaments and rouge spots were still favored decorations, these small and delicate facial ornaments not only added charm to their faces but also reflected the sophistication of makeup art at the time.


Hairstyles played a significant role in the attire of early Tang Dynasty women. Women often wore various high buns, such as single or double buns, which not only appeared elegant and dignified but also indicated their social status and identity.

Meanwhile, accessories such as hairpins and hair ornaments also played important roles in their overall look, enhancing the aesthetic appeal.

Cultural and Economic Influence

The prosperity of women’s fashion in the early Tang Dynasty was closely linked to the social and economic background of the time.

Economic prosperity made high-quality materials such as silk and embroidery more accessible, and the craftsmanship became increasingly refined.

Additionally, as an important hub on the Silk Road, the Tang Dynasty’s frequent cultural exchanges with the outside world had a profound impact on fashion styles. For example, elements of Hu (foreign) attire began to be incorporated into Tang clothing designs, bringing more diversity and innovation.

Women’s fashion in the early Tang Dynasty was not only a manifestation of the era’s confidence and openness but also a beautiful spectacle influenced by multiple factors. From the court to the common people, from hairstyles to makeup, women’s attire showcased the unique charm of Tang Dynasty women.

Note: The picture comes from “Costume Restoration”

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