Important Costumes of Ming Dynasty – Flying Fish Suit

Flying fish suit is a kind of traditional costume of Han nationality, which was given by royal guards and eunuchs in Ming Dynasty.

In the history of Ming Dynasty, flying fish clothing is a kind of grand dress second only to boa Pao. The difference between them and bullfighting costume is that although the patterns of the clothes are similar to those of the emperor, they are not included in the official clothing system, but they belong to the imperial officials, the royal guards and the Zaifu with special rewards. They are of very high grade.

Flying fish clothing is generally made of Luo, yarn, cloud satin and other advanced materials. Most of them have bright red background color (there are purple, green, blue and other colors). It is made of complicated techniques such as makeup flower and gold weaving. In front of the chest are the dragon head and Dragon claw. The dragon body directly around the shoulder, and the dragon tail is behind.

Flying fish clothing has four claw flying fish pattern, and the flying fish mentioned here is not the kind of marine fish we often see, but a fictional image similar to dragon head, fish body and wings.

In addition, there is no fixed rule for the design of flying fish, which can be used with or without wings; the pattern of flying fish can be made into breast patch, or shoulder over shoulder robe; it can be used in T-shirt, straight body, or Taoist robe, and can also be used in other clothing such as sticking, scattering and so on.

Flying fish clothing is not the only clothing granted in the Ming Dynasty. In the Ming Dynasty, the highest level of pattern is python, followed by flying fish, bullfighting and unicorn. Therefore, it is known as Python clothing, flying fish clothing, bullfighting clothing and Qilin clothing.

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