When Disney Princess Puts On The Traditional Clothes Of Other Countries 2020

Fairy tales are our sweetest childhood memories. “What is your favorite fairy tale role”?

When I was a child, I always dreamed of dancing with Cinderella, joining the army with Mulan, and singing with snow-white in the jungle. I also like to imitate their make-up.

The princesses not only have their own personalities and stories but also have their own characteristics in dressing up. They are so beautiful that people can envy them!

However, have you ever thought about what Disney Princesses will look like when they wear traditional clothes from other countries?

1. Japanese Style

Elsa and Anna sisters in Frozen are classical and beautiful after wearing traditional Japanese clothes.

Cinderella, compared with the image in the fairy tale, is more plump, feeling particularly soft.

Although changing a style, the color matching of Snow White’s dress is still very similar to that in animation.

The little mermaid, Ariel, not only has the painting style of Japanese Geisha but also looks like the beautiful image of the Tang Dynasty in China.

2. Korean literary style

Nayoung Wooh, a Korean illustrator, puts on Korean traditional clothes for the Disney Princesses in fairy tales.

For example, in the picture below, can you see that this is cinderella who left the party in a hurry?

Snow White looks like a sister next door in South Korea. Her delicate brushwork and warm colors make her look particularly lovable.

Mischievous Anna and mature Elsa keep their own characteristics even in Korean clothes.

Frog Prince and princess, the princess in Korean clothes, looks small and lovely.

The sleeping beauty, who is cursed to fall into a deep sleep, is dressed in gorgeous clothes and surrounded by flowers, waiting for the one who will rescue her from her long sleep.

The beast in the “Origin of Beauty and the Beast”, has become a lot of naive.

And Alice who fell into the rabbit hole….

3. Chinese style

The last group of Chinese style Disney Princesses is from Shen, a famous illustrator of Lofter in China.

Strong, independent, fashionable, pure, and charming Bell.

Mulan, who bravely kills enemies in the battlefield, can not only be beautiful and moving but also be dressed in men’s clothes, with heroic spirit in her eyebrows.

Snow white with retro make-up and hair accessories, and a slightly melancholy red hair, Ariel.

Jasmine princess has become a sexy exotic big sister.

Which of these three different styles of Disney Princess is your favorite? Come to the message area and share your views.

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