4 Kinds Of Common Hanfu Fabrics Introduction -2021

Hanfu is the traditional costume of the Chinese nation. In addition to the shape, color matching, and pattern, the fabric also plays an important role and is closely related to our wearing experience.

According to textile technology, the fabric of traditional Hanfu can be divided into brocade, damask, silk, silk, gauze, crepe, silk, and satin. Most of the traditional fabrics are mainly silk fabrics, supplemented by cotton and hemp.

There are many kinds of traditional fabrics with exquisite styles, but the cost is usually very high. Now, with the development of modern technology, there are many kinds of fabrics for the public to choose from. Next, we will introduce several common Hanfu fabrics in the market.

1. Cotton

Cotton is a huge fabric system. By blending the cotton fiber with other materials in modern textile technology, cotton fabric has many new characteristics, such as wrinkle resistance, wear resistance, gloss, and so on. Now common in the Hanfu market are pure cotton, cotton hemp, jacquard cotton, burnt cotton, slubbed cotton, etc.

Cotton and linen garments have a history of 4000 years. They are natural and simple in color and texture, giving people a soft impression of returning to simplicity. Using it to make Hanfu is natural simplicity, skin-friendly, and breathable, which shows the introverted style of Han nationality.

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2. Chiffon

Chiffon is a kind of weaving technology, which is applied to chemical fiber and silk. It is divided into chemical fiber chiffon and silk chiffon. The “Chiffon” fabric on the market usually refers to chemical fiber chiffon.

Chemical fiber Chiffon is one of the most common fabrics in modern Hanfu. The advantages are clear, elegant, good drooping feeling, not easy to wrinkle, easy to take care of, low price. The disadvantage is that the air permeability and body comfort of chemical fiber products are not as good as natural fiber.

Chiffon is a kind of fabric commonly used in Hanfu, because it has rich colors, can be embroidered and printed. The style of Hanfu made by Chiffon is changeable, and it is light, elegant, and easy to clean. It is a good choice for Hanfu in spring and summer.

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3. Silk and Satin

It is often said that “silk and satin” originally refers to different kinds of silk products produced by different processes. However, with the progress of modern technology, cotton fiber and chemical fiber blended can also create luster such as silk, so jacquard silk and brocade with relatively low prices appeared.

This kind of cloth is soft, smooth, glossy, compact, and has good warmth retention. It is not easy to wrinkle, has a good draping feeling, and generally does not have static electricity. It is often used to make autumn and winter Hanfu outerwear, formal dress, etc. it has a beautiful appearance, strong and durable.

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4. Wool

There are many kinds of knitted fabrics such as wool and cashmere. Woolen cloth is also a large category of modern Hanfu fabrics.

According to the different ingredients, there are great differences in the feel and warmth retention, and the price varies greatly with the different wool content.

The higher the content of wool and cashmere, the better the warmth retention. Even if the content of cashmere is low, it is better than the ordinary Hanfu fabric. It is often used to make winter coats, which is not easy to wrinkle, and the good quality will not pill. The disadvantage is that cleaning needs more energy.

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If you are interested, you can leave a message in the comments about what fabric you want to see in the next issue. In the next issue, we will select the most popular fabric in the comments area for a detailed explanation.

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