A Perfect Combination Of Hanfu And Lolita Style – Hanfu Collocation 2020

Hanfu is a traditional Chinese national costume. The overall style is solemn, atmospheric, elegant, and flexible, which fully reflects the Han nationality’s soft and quiet, elegant and detached, and calm national character.

Lolita style clothing, rising in Japan, has formed a clothing style. Mainly from the Victorian period of European women’s wear, mixed with Gothic, punk, and other elements. These elements include lace, lace, fluffy skirts, bows, ribbons, etc.

When two completely different styles of clothing culture merge in different ways, what kind of sparks will collide? Let’s take a look at the collision between Chinese Hanfu and Lolita style clothing, what kind of wearing style is derived?

1. Integration of clothing elements

Lolita’s Chinese style is one of Lolita’s innovative styles influenced by Chinese traditional clothing culture. For example, a Chinese style pattern is printed on Lolita’s skirt.

Or we can print Lolita style prints on Chinese traditional costumes, Hanfu and Qipao. Does this kind of innovation make your eyes shine?

Traditional Hanfu has never stopped innovating. Now many Hanfu has tried lace, chiffon, and other fabrics of non-traditional fabrics.For example, the traditional Hanfu with lace cloud shoulder is a very Lolita style.

Or make a slight change in the shape of the traditional Hanfu and add the characteristics of Lolita, so that the original elegant skirt will be puffed up, and the sleeves and decorations will be changed accordingly. This Chinese princess feels refreshing!

Mix and match style: Hanfu Tops with JSK, although the main body is Lolita, but the neck of the Chinese collar quietly conveys the flavor of Chinese style. Or wear a Lolita shirt with Hanfu QiYao Ruqun. Perfect integration of Chinese and Western styles.

2. Accessories integration

In addition to the fusion of the two styles of clothing design, we can also use accessories to fuse the two styles.

Headwear: when matching with Hanfu, the original traditional headdress hairpin and comb should be replaced with Lolita style hair band, flat hat, or bonnet. Then the whole style is different.

The flower hairpins made of various materials in the headwear of Hanfu and the flower balls in Lolita headdress have no conflict with each other.

Hanfu with headdress. Do you like this style?

Hanfu with Beret.

As a product of modern science and technology, glasses are also suitable for traditional Chinese clothing. And glasses of different shapes and materials have different styles.

Retro style can choose a single lens or glasses with chain, fashion style can choose sunglasses.

Hanfu headwear with Lolita gives a stronger Chinese flavor.

Folding fans, umbrellas and other accessories allow you to freely switch between the two styles of European court ladies and Oriental gentle maidens.

Traditional Hanfu with modern belt.

The hairband commonly used in Hanfu modeling can be used to tie a bow tie when matching with a shirt.In fact, as long as you dare to innovate, all kinds of accessories can have different collocation methods, create different styles, and give you different surprises.

3. Makeup and hairstyle

The Lolita skirt with Chinese style exquisite hairstyle makes you surprise.

The elegant and serene Hanfu with Lolita style hairstyle makes the shape more lively.

The straw hat, which is very common in Lolita’s modeling, adds a fresh and pastoral flavor.

On the make-up, a cinnabar mole between the eyebrows and the corner of the eye is perfect for a Chinese Lolita Dress.

Combination of Traditional Hanfu and Western Elements 2020
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