Hanfu Maintenance – How To Clean And Maintain Hanfu Correctly?

Many Hanfu lovers will encounter such a problem: how to clean Hanfu? How to maintain Hanfu correctly?

Before washing Hanfu, we need to know the fabric of Hanfu? Commons are cotton and hemp, chemical fiber, silk, and so on. If you don’t know the fabric, you can consult Hanfu merchants and check the details of the goods. Generally, regular businesses will mark Hanfu fabrics and washing and maintenance precautions.

The most easily dirty part of Hanfu is the lower skirt and collar edge. If the washing and drying process is not proper, it is easy to become yellow and old after several times of wearing.

How to wash and dry the Hanfu with different fabrics?

1. Cotton and hemp clothes:

Generally, hand washing is recommended. For washing machine washing, gentle washing is recommended. Washing time should not be too long, 30 minutes is appropriate; soaking time is less than 15 minutes.

After washing, the Hanfu should be dried in a cool place. Direct sunlight will also cause cotton and flax to turn yellow.

Before storage, it is recommended to fold flat after ironing and keep the package clean and dry to prevent mildew. In addition, if the Hanfu is white and dark, it is best to separate them from each other to prevent staining or yellowing.

2. Silk Han clothing:

When washing, the temperature of the water is cold water or slightly warm water. Choose mild washing liquid, wash and rinse gently by hand, and keep the soaking time of clothes in water within 5 minutes.

Silk Han clothing washing can not be wrung dry, hanging dry in the shade. If you don’t want to wash it by hand, send it to the dry cleaner. When drying, avoid direct sunlight, which will catalyze the oxidation and yellowing of silk.

Collection, in order to prevent moisture and dust, you can cover the clothing with a layer of cloth or wrap the silk clothing. White clothing can not put camphor pills, otherwise easy to yellowing.

Hanfu made of silk
Hanfu made of silk

3. Chemical fiber Chinese clothing:

This kind of Hanfu can be washed by washing machine, but if it has embroidery, such as large-scale embroidery of skirt, machine washing is easy to hook silk. If it hurts, wash it by hand.

Do not expose to the sun for a long time to prevent chemical fiber hardening.

When storing, the man-made fiber clothing should be placed flat, and should not be hung for a long time, so as to avoid elongation due to draping. When storing blended fabrics containing natural fibers, a small amount of camphor pill or insect remover can be put, but do not touch.

On the fading of Hanfu

When washing Hanfu, we must separate the deep and light clothes, soak the dark clothes in saltwater for 15 minutes, wash them with water, and then wash them according to the conventional method. Generally, a slightly better fabric will be treated with anti-fading and anti shrinking water treatment in advance. If you are worried about such problems, consult the merchant before purchasing.

Hope these warm tips can help you, thanks for reading.

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