Dressing Course – How To Quickly Wear Chinese Hanfu: Ma Mian Skirt

Ma Mian Qun is a kind of traditional Chinese dress. Some people call it “horse face pleated skirt”. It is suitable for matching with jacket and shirt. Do you know how to wear Chinese horse face skirt(Ma Mian Qun)?

Step 1:

Unfold the horse dress(Ma mian qun) and put it behind your back;

Step 2:

Wrap the lace-up of the right skirt from the front to the back. If the skirt has a hole, go through the hole;

Step 3:

If there is no opening in the skirt, it should be wound from the top of the skirt;

Step 4:

The left side of the skirt will fit along the left side of the waistline;

Step 5:

The two laces cross behind and around in front of you;

Step 6:

Tie the two ties around the front of your body;

Step 7:

Put on the vertical collar, the lapel, the jacket and button up, and wear it;

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