Chinese Traditional Wedding Clothes Introduction By Dynastie

Every girl has the same dream in her heart, that is, she hopes to be able to wear beautiful wedding clothes and marry her beloved man one day.

In the early years, before the rise of Hanfu, the Chinese style Xiuhe clothing was warmly sought after. Now there are more and more Hanfu of different shapes and sizes, and the wedding dress system is becoming more and more perfect. So let’s take a look at the Han Dynasty’s wedding dress of different dynasties in China.

1.Tang Dynasty

First of all, let’s take a look at what kind of clothes the Tang Dynasty girls wear when they get married. Although Qixiong Ruqun is more famous and more common in the Tang Dynasty Han Dynasty clothes. However, the more formal dress like a wedding dress is Qiyao style. The modern and improved wedding dress is mainly equipped with a set of Qiyao suit and a large sleeve shirt.

What’s more, the wedding dress made in the Tang Dynasty is not all red, but red with blue/turquoise. Men’s wedding dress is mainly red, with a small amount of blue binding on the lapels and sleeves, which can also make the two sets of clothes look more harmonious in color.

2.Song Dynasty

In recent years, TV plays in the Song Dynasty are very popular in China. Song dynasty women’s wedding dress is not red, but green or Indigo. Because of the Song Dynasty when there are men and women, so there is a blue-green wedding dress.

3.Ming Dynasty

In the Ming Dynasty, because the emperor was open-minded, even ordinary people could wear fengguanxialin, which only the nobles could wear when they got married. Therefore, most of the Ming made Hanfu were very gorgeous.

The Phoenix crown is the hair crown on the bride’s head, and Xiafu refers to a long ribbon-shaped on the outside of the bride’s clothes. The cloth strips are mostly blue or green, and there is a Xiafu pendant at the bottom of the cloth to prevent it from slipping from the shoulder. Wear a set of Ming Dynasty Hanfu weddings, let you experience the feeling of the Ming Dynasty lady.

Which wedding dress do you prefer?

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