Chinese Stars: Who Love To Wear Chinese Hanfu Clothes – 2021

Hanfu is the traditional dress of the Han nationality, which contains the beauty of traditional culture and is a part of Chinese national culture.

It has been 18 years since Mr. Wang Letian went out wearing Hanfu in 2003, which caused media reports. For more than ten years, Hanfu has attracted extensive attention, and Chinese traditional culture has been paid more and more attention.

Nowadays, Hanfu appears more and more on media or social platforms, and more and more Chinese stars like to wear Hanfu.

Xu Jiao

When it comes to Chinese stars who like Hanfu, Xu Jiao must be involved. In an interview, she mentioned that she began to pay attention to Hanfu under the influence of Xiada comics in junior high school. As a student in a foreign country, she had a deeper understanding of her national culture. Xu Jiao began to publicize Chinese traditional culture such as Hanfu and Guqin to her surrounding students. After returning home, she often wore Hanfu to participate in activities and spared no effort to publicize Hanfu.

Xu Jiao is committed to the wearing of modern Hanfu. In her opinion, wearing Hanfu does not necessarily have to wear gorgeous hairstyles and embroidered shoes. She can also use modern fashion elements to match modern bags and shoes to unlock more new collocations of Hanfu and provide more possibilities for the development of Hanfu.

Lou Yixiao

Lou Yixiao is also a Hanfu lover. She is making a series of videos about Hanfu. In the videos, she visits the tea garden in Hanfu and makes different styles of makeup to publicize Chinese traditional culture to the end. In the “night of clouds and dawn”, Lou Yixiao wore a Tang Dynasty Qixiong Ruqun, showing her grace and beauty.

Yu Menglong

Yu Menglong has also had the appearance of Hanfu clothes. He wears a red and white gradually changing cloak and a large area of heavy industry embroidery on his back, showing a sense of elegance. In addition, Yu Menglong also participates in various Hanfu clothes show activities

Tong Liya

As the traditional culture is paid more and more attention, the corresponding variety shows are also rising. The program “national treasure” has attracted a large number of viewers by presenting the story behind the cultural relics, which has brought the audience to understand the profound cultural connotation.

The stars who appeared on the “National Treasure” program wore Hanfu, letting us look farther into the past through the smoke and smoke of history.

As shown in the picture, Tong Liya is wearing a blue Tanling Hanfu which is fresh and elegant, graceful and curling. 

Zhang Yixing

Zhang Yixing performed in Taoist robes at the 2020 Oriental satellite TV New Year party. His gestures were full of mystery and elegance, wild and uninhibited. He perfectly integrated the traditional classical beauty and modern music, enhanced the expressiveness of the stage, and brought everyone a visual feast.

Cheng Guo

As a Chinese star who became popular for her role in 《Love Apartment 5》, she also has a series of portraits in Hanfu. Different from the fresh sense of youth with short hair, wearing Hanfu clothes, she is ancient and strange, with the beauty and dignity of a young girl, like an elf who has entered the world by mistake.

Chinese Hanfu is reviving, and Chinese traditional culture is also seen by more and more people. Chinese stars wearing Hanfu undoubtedly expand the influence of Hanfu and is conducive to the spread of Hanfu culture.

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