Hanfu Trend: Why did Hanfu Suddenly Rise in China 2021

In recent years, there has been an upsurge of Hanfu in China, and more and more young people are wearing Chinese traditional clothing Hanfu. Why is that?

In fact, the popularity of Hanfu is not only because of its beautiful appearance, but also because it contains historical factors. In terms of the background of Hanfu trend, we can sum up the following points:

1.Traditional Cultural Identity Enhanced and The Revival of Traditional Culture

There was a discontinuity in the historical inheritance of Chinese Hanfu, and the appearance of modern Hanfu as a symbol of national costume, to a certain extent, soothes people’s need for “root seeking” of national identity, and gradually builds a sense of identity with traditional national culture.

2.Design Keeps Pace with the Times, Meet the Aesthetic and Needs of Modern People

As a unique cultural symbol, Hanfu is also a systematic reflection of national character, aesthetic taste, and folk culture. The media reports on the revival of Hanfu are more focused on traditional festivals or etiquette activities, so they often give people the impression that Hanfu is good-looking but not practical.

But in fact, after improvement, modern Hanfu has a large number of styles suitable for daily life, which can be as refreshing, simple, and traditional as modern daily clothes, and can meet the aesthetic and needs of modern people.

3.Internet, TV, And Other Media have Attracted Young People who Pursue Individuality

Many people begin to understand Chinese traditional costumes from TV, especially martial arts TV series. In recent years, Chinese martial arts dramas have shown outstanding performance in all aspects, and modern Hanfu, as an actor’s clothing, is also more particular, which has a subtle impact on the aesthetic of more young groups.

4.” Tongpao(同袍)” Community Boosts the Trend of Hanfu Culture

Hanfu “Tongpao” (Hanfu Fans) mostly like traditional culture, and advocate Hanfu as their most important group identity symbol. They also carried out various specific practices, such as the “Hanfu Culture Festival” and “travel with Hanfu”, which promoted the formation of the influence of Hanfu culture that can not be ignored.

The Real Trend of Hanfu has not Come Yet

According to the “report on consumers of Hanfu 2020”, the number of Hanfu buyers increased by 92% year on year in 2020. Despite the rapid development of the Hanfu industry in recent years, the sales volume of Hanfu in 2020 will only account for 1% of the total annual sales volume.

This means that, although the trend of Hanfu is huge, Hanfu is still a “Niche Products” at present. The proportion of people who really wear Hanfu is very small, and it has not formed a certain scale economy effect.

Only when the public widely understands and really understands the traditional Chinese culture, the revival of traditional Chinese culture such as the Hanfu trend will not stay on the surface.

When people no longer regard the Hanfu craze as a novel social phenomenon and no longer divide the people who wear Hanfu into “Hanfu circle” and “cos circle”, but regard it as a kind of daily life, like Japanese kimono and Korean Hanbok and wear out of the street at will without being noticed by thousands of people, that is the arrival of the real Hanfu craze.

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