Hanfu Introduction Of Ancient Chinese Clothes for Men 2020

Hanfu is not equal to the Han Dynasty costume, it is the general name of Han nationality clothing. And in the vast history, there are many kinds of patterns for men’s Hanfu.


Shenyi belongs to Hanfu. It originated from the Yu family, the first king of the Yu Dynasty. It wrapped the tops and skirts together and cut them separately but sewed them up and down. Generally speaking, it means that the upper garment is connected with the lower garment, and the edge is made of cloth of different colors. The feature is that the body is hidden and elegant.

The reason why Shenyi is the leader of group clothing is not only in its system form but also in the upper and lower clothing, which has been popular for the longest time. Although it is a Han suit, its history has been developing to the Qing Dynasty. After the similar robe and other clothing types are based on deep clothing, gradually developed.

Da Chang

The modern meaning of cloak is coat and overcoat, which is the most common coat style in Hanfu.

The cloak is one of the traditional clothing of Han nationality, also known as a cloak, also known as a military coat, which belongs to a kind of men’s clothing.

Long Robe

Speaking of the national style, we should not only think of Han Fu but also think of the Tang suit! The origin of the Tang suit is Manchu’s mandarin jacket, which belongs to a long robe. So let’s see what a Long robe is!

There are mainly two kinds of long robes: Manchu long robes and Han long robes.

Manchu long robe is a kind of dress that was widely used in the Qing Dynasty, and it is also the traditional dress of Manchu people. Long robes can be divided into a single robe, clip robe, and cotton-padded robe. A single robe is also commonly known as “coat”.

In the traditional costumes of the Han nationality, most of the men’s clothes are robes, such as straight train robe, round collar robe, Taoist robe, etc.

Taoist Robe

Taoist Robe has two meanings. One is derived from the “pleat” (made by King Wu of Zhou) in ancient China and evolved into Taoist Robe in the Ming Dynasty. It can also be used as a lining robe or a civilian man’s wedding dress. The other is the clothes of Taoist priests.

Flying Fish Suit

The flying fish suit is the dress worn by royal guards and eunuchs of the Ming Dynasty for the sun, the evening moon, the land for farming, watching animals, and offering sacrifices to the emperors of all dynasties.

It is made of the makeup flower Luo, the makeup flower yarn, and the makeup flower silk in the cloud brocade. It is wearing the embroidered spring knife.

It is made of the makeup flower Luo, the makeup flower yarn, and the makeup flower silk in the cloud brocade. It is wearing the embroidered spring knife.


Lanshan is the Han clothing system. It appeared in the Tang Dynasty and was popular in the Song and Ming Dynasty. In ancient times, Lanshan was the official uniform, and also most students wore it. The style of the whole dress can be said to be very formal.

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