Simple And Fashionable Chinese Hairstyle, Hanfu Essential Hairstyle 2020

Hanfu carries not only a kind of life aesthetics, but also a continuation of the lifestyle of countless Chinese people. Wearing Hanfu, wearing traditional bun on the head, wearing retro make-up, go to the world and show Chinese culture.

Hanfu enthusiasts have many sets of beautiful Hanfu, and after wearing Hanfu, if there is no matching make-up and hairstyle matching, the whole Hanfu modeling will greatly reduce points.

Today, we will bring you a very popular Chinese Hanfu hairstyle – “butterfly braid” in 2020.

In this picture, you can see that the girl’s hair is very smooth. It is directly divided into two braids on the top of her head and tied up with a small black rubber band. This operation is very simple.

After the last step, turn over the braid, which will make the hair look more fluffy. Braid the braid, it becomes two strands of braid, and finally tie it up with a small rubber band. At this time, it has taken shape.

Cross them through the top of your head. At this time, there will be a very beautiful bow. Then take a strand of hair from the ear and tie it with the rest of the braid. Isn’t it very simple?

Gently pull up the two sides of the hair, finally tie a beautiful ribbon, this time looks like a very good-looking bow.

When you wear Hanfu, make a simple and fashionable hairstyle to make your Hanfu tour more exciting.

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