Chengdu: The First City Of Hanfu In China 2021

In recent years, Hanfu culture has formed a new trend among Chinese young people, such as Hanfu parades, Hanfu dances, Hanfu fashion shows,s and so on. Recently, the theme forum of “culture Tianfu, fashion Chengdu” and the Hanfu culture festival held in Chengdu have had a great impact.

At the event site of the Hanfu Culture Festival, various Hanfu shows were staged in turn, including Hanfu of the Tang Dynasty – Qixiong Ruqun, Beizi Hanfu of the Song Dynasty, Jiaoling Ruqun of the Jin Dynasty, etc. Everyone put on their favorite traditional Hanfu. Walking in this street, it seems that they have a feeling of crossing time and space, and also shows the charm of “The first city of Hanfu” in Chengdu.

At the event site, the planning of “Hanfu characteristic street”, one of the characteristic projects of Manjusri square, was officially released – it is planned to introduce 20 brand Hanfu institutions. This will be China’s first Hanfu characteristic cultural street integrating “R & D, design, display, sales, leasing, makeup photos, and experience”.

Why did China’s first Hanfu characteristic cultural street settle in Chengdu?

Historically, Chengdu has been known as the “Land of silkworm clusters” since ancient times. Sichuan brocade in Chengdu ranks among the “four famous brocades in China”, which has a history of 2000 years. It is a colorful brocade with Han national characteristics and local style.

It can be seen that Chengdu and Hanfu have a long history. As the accumulation of “the first city of Hanfu”, Chengdu has already had a deep historical foundation. Nowadays, more and more young people in Chengdu wear Hanfu, which is closely related to the development of short videos in recent years. It is an important reason for the rapid popularity of Hanfu.

The popularity of Hanfu has also led to the upgrading of the surrounding industrial chain. For example, “Chengdu silver flower silk-making technology” is a national intangible cultural heritage. 

Now it has been combined with Hanfu culture to create some Han decoration brands integrated with silver flower silk technology, which has given new vitality to the intangible cultural heritage. The development of the Hanfu industry even gave birth to new occupations, such as the Hanfu model, Hanfu stylist, and so on.

Shi Qian, head of the Sichuan Hanfu industry alliance, believes that the rising trend of Hanfu today should belong to an emerging cultural and creative industry. Chengdu is known as the first city of Hanfu, which is mainly based on the large purchase base of the Chengdu Hanfu crowd and many original merchants of Chengdu Hanfu. At the same time, Chengdu has a long history and culture and has done a very good job in inheriting and carrying forward the traditional culture.

According to the relevant person in charge, as a key project of “Tianfu Jincheng” in Chengdu, Manjusri square will be presented to the world before the 2021 World University Games to show “Chinese civilization and Tianfu culture”. Next spring, let’s put on our beloved Hanfu and go to China’s first Hanfu characteristic cultural street.

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