8 Beautiful Role And Ancient Costume Shapes Of Liu Yifei

Although everyone has a different list of ancient beauties, Liu Yifei must be on the list. The recently popular “a dream of splendor 梦华录” is Liu Yifei’s return from TV dramas for more than ten years.

She hasn’t acted in costume TV dramas for so many years. Liu Yifei’s face is still so beautiful. She can be said to be a flowing beauty in costume and an iron-clad “immortal sister”! Let’s take a look at the 8 ancient costume beauties played by Liu Yifei.

1.” Sword and Fairy 1 仙剑奇侠传1″ – Zhaolinger

Around 2005, when idol dramas were at their peak, ” Sword and Fairy 1 ” broke into a world with the unique type of “immortal swordsman drama”. At that time, Zhaolinger, played by 17-year-old Liu Yifei, also became a classic in everyone’s hearts.

The Sword and Fairy 1 starring Liu Yifei and Hu Ge, is a hit on TV. The princess Zhaolinger of Lanzhao, played by Liu Yifei, is innocent and considerate. At the same time, she is charged with the mission of saving the common people. Her smiles and frowns are full of Fairy Spirit, which is especially consistent with this role, pure and smart.

2.” The Return of Condor Heroer 神雕侠侣” – Little Dragon Girl

Having just said goodbye to the playful Zhaolinger, in 2006, Liu Yifei played the role of the little dragon girl who is beautiful and refined, has a world-renowned face, and doesn’t eat human fireworks.

The little dragon girl played by Liu Yifei is very consistent with the original work both in terms of appearance and temperament. The small dragon girl in the original work is a fresh and refined image with excellent martial arts and no cannibalism. At that time, Liu Yifei was only 18 years old, but her watery eyes were calm and calm. With an oval face and dark hair, she wears white clothes without too much color embellishment, just like the fairy herself coming out of the painting.

3. ” The Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils 天龙八部” – Wangyuyan

It should be Wangyuyan from ” The Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils” who really established the title of “immortal sister” of Liuyifei.

Compared with the coolness of the little dragon girl, Wangyuyan seems to have a little more sense of “wealth” and her makeup is stronger than that of the previous plays, just like a “flower of human wealth”.

4.” A Chinese Ghost Story 倩女幽魂” – Niexiaoqian

Niexiaoqian described in Pusongling’s book has collected all the beautiful words of women. Her skin is white and red, and her posture is graceful, pitiful, and seductive.

There are many female stars who have played “Niexiaoqian”. Each version of Niexiaoqian has its own characteristics. It should be Wangzuxian who makes a deep impression. However, Niexiaoqian in this version of Liu Yifei performed her unique feeling, which was charming and charming, and her exquisite appearance made people have a desire to protect her from the bottom of their hearts.

5.” White Vengeance 鸿门宴传奇” – Yu Ji

In the movie ” White Vengeance”, Liu Yifei played a beautiful and gentle lady, Yu Ji. As a famous beauty in history, she is good at singing and dancing, beautiful and gentle.

In this film, although Liu Yifei only appeared for 20 minutes, she also became an ancient beauty who amazed the audience. In this play, Liu Yifei’s makeup is very light, even only a superficial description of her facial features, but the looming Pipa and exquisite costumes can vividly show Yu Ji’s purity and beauty.

6.” The Assassins 铜雀台” – Diao Chan

In addition to Yu Ji, a famous beauty, Liu Yifei also played Diao Chan, one of the four most beautiful women in ancient China, in ” The Assassins”. In the film ” The Assassins”, Liu Yifei played two roles, Diao Chan and Lingju, and contributed two very classic shapes, one in red and the other in black.

Dancing in red, you can stand the beauty of “amazing four seats”. Running in black, sad and firm, it perfectly interprets the beauty of the country.

Liu Yifei won the best actress award at the 5th Macao International Film Festival for her performance in the film.

7.” Eternal Love 三生三世十里桃花”- Bai Qian

In the book, Bai Qian played by Liu Yifei is “the first beauty of the eight barren lands in the world”. It has to be said that Liu Yifei is really suitable for such roles as fairies. This time, Bai Qian seems to let people see the fairy sister a few years ago, both in terms of modeling and makeup.

8.” A Dream Of Splendor 梦华录” – Zhao Pan’er

In the recently popular “A Dream Of Splendor 梦华录”, most people also look at Liu Yifei’s ancient costumes. After more than ten years of TV dramas, Liu Yifei still returns in ancient costumes. Her skin is tight and full, her body is graceful, and her acting skills are online. The full plot does not disappoint the audience.

Before, Liu Yifei’s roles were all about fairies. In fact, Zhao Pan’er in this play is more personable and grounded. Compared with those figures who know martial arts and have magic skills, Zhao Pan’er’s characters seem to have less “hero aura”. They dare to love and hate, are straightforward and courageous, have very clear advantages and disadvantages, and have a sense of story.

These are the 8 ancient costume beauties Liu Yifei has played. Regardless of the plot, Liu Yifei’s ancient costume image is very beautiful. In this age of beauty, not every actor is suitable for ancient costumes. It is generally because Liu Yifei has a high degree of fit with ancient costumes that they can achieve each other. Which ancient costume of Liu Yifei do you like best? You are welcome to express your views in the comments.

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