Are The Ancient Costumes In TV Series Real Chinese Hanfu

Nowadays, there are more and more Chinese ancient costume historical films and TV dramas, which shows the status of ancient costume film and TV drama in Chinese people’s mind. It is this position that makes the rapid development of ancient costume drama.

For the ancient costume film and TV drama, the character modeling is the key element in the play, and the modeling involves the costume, so clothing is not only the real expression of the play but also as a symbol of national or regional culture. Its function is not only aesthetic but also the consideration of historical value.

Are The Ancient Costumes In TV Series Real Chinese Hanfu?

However, it should be noted that the costume in the costume drama is not equal to the Hanfu. Nowadays, many costumes plays, especially Xianxia’s plays, are mostly confined to ancient costumes rather than the real Hanfu.

Ancient Costume In Film And TV Series

For example, the characters in<Chen Xi Yuan>, <San Sheng San Shi>, <Xiang MI> are really immortal, but in fact, they can only be called ancient costumes, not Hanfu. However, the costumes and clothes of the characters in the plays of <Female Doctor Ming Fei> and <Zhi You Zhi Zhi> no can be regarded as more Orthodox Han clothes.

More Orthodox Hanfu In Movies And TV Plays

Let’s take the film and television drama <Zhi You Zhi Zhi> as an example to see how the costumes embodied in Chinese ancient costume dramas shape the psychology of the characters and set off the atmosphere of the scene?

When he was still studying in Shengjia private school, he was still a bright young man full of love and hope, so his clothes were mostly bright and delicate;

Bright And Exquisite Hanfu

He is a noble child, so his daily clothes sometimes formal and sometimes gentle. At first glance, he is a gentle and elegant child with a noble spirit from inside and outside.

Gentle, Elegant And Noble

When he and the heroine Ming LAN fall into emotional entanglement and feeling frustrated, his clothing colors are mostly purple and light purple, which not only sets off his inner melancholy, but also better exaggerates the plot.


The two official suits that he wore after he was an official broke through the plain color tone before, but showed the official clothes in Han culture vividly.

Official Clothes

And the heroine Sheng Minglan is the same, with the change of her status, age, and experience, the clothes she wears are also constantly changing. Both the collocation with the characters in the play and the colors and patterns of the clothes themselves show the breadth and profundity of the Hanfu culture and give full play to the characteristics and charm of Hanfu.

The Costume Of The Heroine Ming LAN

Whether it is the ancient costume in TV drama or the orthodox Han costume, costume as a symbol of a national or regional culture, its role is not only aesthetic, but also for the consideration of historical value.

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