9 Fashionable And Beautiful Modern Hanfu Recommended In Summer

Would you like to have a set of modern Hanfu with the perfect combination of tradition and fashion? 9 fashionable and beautiful summer modern Hanfu dresses are recommended for you.

Style 1

This grass green modern Hanfu dress is inspired by ink painting. A large number of ink painting elements are used in the whole design, integrating traditional Chinese painting into fashion elements.

The ink bamboo leaves on the light green blouse swayed with the wind; What’s more, the ink landscape painting is made into a fan-like fold, which is spliced with the black skirt, and there is a sense of splashing ink when walking. With dark green suspenders and printed hair bands, it is gentle and fresh with the elegant feeling of an ink landscape.

Style 2

This is a simple daily song style short shirt, suspender, and song pants three-piece set. You can wear it according to the same color department, or mix and match it according to your preferences.

Chiffon printed short shirt, which can be opened and cross worn, is simple and fashionable; The improved song pants refer to the wide-leg pants version of the fashion, with a pleated design, which is very suitable for daily work wear.

Three colors are available: pink is gentle, blue is fresh, and black and white are fashionable.

Style 3

This unique modern Hanfu is inspired by the picture of thousands of miles of rivers and mountains. The mountain scenery is printed and dyed, and there are few clouds. It has a sense of elegance and freedom.

Eight broken Qixiong Ruqun dress, the skirt head is thousands of miles of continuous ups and downs, the cover yarn is hazy drizzle, is graceful clouds, and more romantic landscape poetry.

Style 4

This poetic modern Han suit looks like a hazy mist. The printed mesh sling and skirt are printed with bamboo leaves and shadows, like the swaying bamboo forest in the clouds under the moonlight.

Style 5

The rich yellow-green department, the daisy embroidery on the placket and skirt head, like the oil painting girl under the painter’s pen, leaps onto the paper a little, with the romance and tenderness of spring.

The light green blouse is the smell of spring, the yellow skirt is the posture of flowers in full bloom, and the little daisies are scattered on the body. It is fresh and bright with a faint fragrance of flowers. This is a light Song Dynasty style improved Hanfu suitable for summer.

Style 6

White blouses with brown suspenders and gray song pants are a capable workplace style; a Green blouse with white suspenders and brown song pants is a refreshing and simple leisure style. Different styles, with the same fresh texture, are not only suitable for fashionable occasions but also suitable for daily wear.

Style 7

This modern Hanfu takes tulips as the main design element. The overall color is soft but not gaudy pink, with a romantic and poetic flavor.

Song style long shirts are made of smooth and glossy fabrics, which gently flutter with the wind as if they have their own soft light filter, gentle and cute.

Style 8

The cardigan is light beige plaid, which is unique in daily simplicity; The suspender design is a big bright spot, and the flower print is romantic and beautiful; With light brown song pants, the lower body is not only elegant and generous but also full of fashion sense. We should wear it like this in summer.

Style 9

The design is inspired by Wangximeng’s picture of thousands of miles of rivers and mountains. The fake two Qiqiong dresses are designed with green landscape embroidery on the skirt head and the original green landscape printing on the skirt hem. With elegant fabrics and floating pieces, there is a sense of being in high spirits. The design of the floating film is inspired by the high mountains and waterfalls. It is combined with the Qixiong draped silk made in the Tang Dynasty to create a feeling of “flying down 3000 feet”.

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