8 Common Hanfu Accessories For Hanfu Collocation -2021

As a niche costume, Hanfu not only carries the Han culture but also has an antique style and a different kind of classical beauty. When wearing Hanfu, of course, the accessories of Hanfu are indispensable.

Hanfu accessories play an important role in the collocation of Hanfu, which can make the whole Hanfu more beautiful. This article will share with you the common accessories in Hanfu.


Hairpin is one of the most well-known Hanfu accessories, and also one of the most common Hanfu accessories. Hairpins come in various shapes and styles, with tassels, glaze, jade, and gold leaf. After inserting the hairpin on the original ordinary hair accessory, his temperament immediately improved by two grades.

Hairpins are generally divided into two types, metal hairpins, and wooden hairpins. Generally speaking, the former is more fancy and complicated while the latter is simple. The choice of style can be matched according to the style of the Hanfu dress.

But although the hairpin selection threshold is low, the use of the threshold is indeed relatively high. If you want to use the hairpin well and keep it in place, you need to be proficient in coiling skills.


In many Hanfu models will be decorated with a hairband, a long hair band interspersed between the hair, it is particularly smart and elegant. If you are creating a set of lazy or chivalrous style Hanfu suits, matching with a hairband can often make the whole look better.

There are two types of hairbands, decorative and functional. The decorative ones are often just put in the braids, and the functional headbands often take on the function of binding the hair.

And the color of the hairband must be selected according to the overall style of the Hanfu suit, so as to make the finishing point.


The headdress matching with Hanfu is mainly light blue, not the white one you imagine. The headdress can be matched with two kinds of Hanfu. The first one is to match the Jiaoling Ruqun(交领襦裙). In this way, it will give people a feeling of Fairy Spirit, just like a non-ordinary fairy.

The second way is to match with the Qixiong Ruqun(齐胸襦裙), which is more like modern clothing and will give people a sense of sexy and temperament. No matter what kind of Hanfu the headdress matches with, it will give people a sense of fashion and a fairy-like feeling, which must be an important reason why so many young people love this kind of clothing!

4.Round Fan(团扇)

When it comes to accessories matching with Hanfu, we have to mention the round fan. The round fan refers to the round fan with a tassel pendant on the handle. Therefore, the whole fan looks antique, exquisite, and grand. One of the biggest advantages of the round fan is that it can match all types of Hanfu, which is very versatile and can highlight the whole person’s sense of warmth and ancient charm.

Two points should be paid attention to when selecting a round fan:

A) From the perspective of color matching, if you choose a Chinese Hanfu similar to cyan, in order to make it look more uniform and classic, you should choose the blue Round fan, that is, the pattern on the fan is cyan.

B) From the perspective of matching hairstyle, if you choose a Round fan, it is more suitable to match the ancient style hairstyle. For example, you can coil up your hair, or put on your hair, so that the hairstyle is closer to that of ancient women. In this way, once again holding the fan, the whole person’s temperament will become different.

5.Cloud Shoulder(云肩)

As the name suggests, the cloud shoulder refers to the shawl, because the shawl hem is wavy, and it will be printed with patterns similar to cloud lines, so it is called cloud shoulder. This type of accessories is most often matched with Ming Dynasty Hanfu, which can highlight the sense of elegance.

When choosing the cloud shoulder, you’d better choose the same color of Hanfu with the cloud shoulder or a deep and shallow collocation. In this way, it can not only play a role in making Hanfu more exquisite but also improve the level of collocation, making Hanfu more beautiful.


Yingluo is a kind of “necklace” occasionally used by girls to match Hanfu. If a high-quality Yingluo is added to a suite of Hanfu, the temperament of the whole set of Hanfu will rise in a straight line.


Earrings are the only sharp tool to modify the face shape and facial makeup. Good-looking earrings can often enhance the whole person’s temperament. But the choice of earrings should also pay attention to match the overall style. If the Hanfu is simple, don’t choose the expensive long Tassel Earrings. You can choose some small gem earrings, or some clean jade earrings, etc.


Sachet is a common accessory, and in addition to decorative function, the sachet is often a gift from lovers or friends, so it also has a unique significance. Generally speaking, sachets are not around the waist, and sometimes they are matched with a jade pendant. In the sachet, you can put some herbs that can give off fragrance, and so on, which is equivalent to playing a perfume role.

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