6 Reasons Why “A Dream Of Splendor” Is So Popular 2022

Recently, the launch of “a dream of splendor” has set off a Chinese upsurge in pursuing drama. As an ancient costume work, “a dream of splendor” stands out in many film and television dramas updated at the same time. Whether it is word-of-mouth or broadcast volume, popularity, and topic degree, all occupy absolute advantage.

So what is the reason why this show has such a good audience rating?

1. Theme Plot

“A dream of splendor” has quite a say in terms of subject matter. The play is adapted from the drama “Zhao Pan’er saves the wind and the moon” by Guanhanqing, a dramatist of the Yuan Dynasty.

Guanhanqing is one of the most accomplished writers in the history of Chinese drama. His life-long drama works are very rich, and they all have the significance of reflecting the social reality. The theme of his works is profound, the structure is rigorous, and the image is lively and vivid.

The story of “a dream of splendor”, which took place in the Song Dynasty, mainly tells the story of Zaopan’er, Songyinzhang, and Sun Sanniang, who went through all kinds of hardships in Bianjing and finally worked together to turn the small tea shop into the largest restaurant in Bianjing.

2. Actors

The success of  “a dream of splendor” since its release has a lot to do with the script, and the other is due to the actors. All the leading actors are very good actors both in appearance and acting skills.

The heroine Liu Yifei, who started her career at the age of 14, is well known as Zhao linger in the legend of a swordsman. Although Liu Yifei is now in her thirties, she is still very beautiful. The smiles of Zhao Pan’er, who she plays, affect the hearts of the audience.

3. Color Tone

The story of the play takes place in the Song Dynasty, and people in the Song dynasty like to use cool colors. “A dream of splendor” is mostly blue, green, purple, and red. The colors with low brightness and purity in the region are harmonious, quaint, tranquil, or beautiful.

4. Composition

The symmetrical composition of the play is simple and pleasing to the eye; Meticulous lighting is as changeable as Song Ci.

5. Clothing

The crew of  “a dream of splendor” designed the costumes in a very ancient style. From the hairstyle to the clothes, there was a taste of ancient costume drama, which also reflected the minimalist and elegant style of the Song Dynasty.

Compared with other ancient costume dramas, most of the costumes are made of yarn cloth. The costumes in  “a dream of splendor” look much more real. The Sanniang and Pan’er in the play are both characters who need to work, so their costumes in the play are not immortal, but rather strong and durable cotton and linen fabrics. Their simple costumes are more in line with the atmosphere of the market.

As Sng yin zhang is a “literary worker”, her clothes look fresh and flexible on the whole. She will use some relatively light yarn fabrics to make the whole character look more pitiable. Of course, this is more in line with the Song Dynasty clothing characteristics.

The hero Guqianfan plays a deputy envoy of the Imperial City Department, so his clothes are mainly dark and low saturated, which is in line with the character’s temperament.

In terms of official clothes, there are also strict regulations. For example, at that time, officials with more than five grades wore red official clothes, those with more than three grades wore purple official clothes, and those with blue official clothes were from nine grades to seven grades.

6. Makeup

Makeup hair is also very attentive to restoring the historical style of the Song Dynasty. There are relatively few hairstyles in the play, most of which are tied in various buns, which is very common in ancient paintings of the Song Dynasty.

Are you following the drama “a dream of splendor”? When pursuing this drama, did you pay attention to the costumes of the characters in the drama? Welcome to discuss in the comment area~

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