6 Props Shooting Course To Take The Most Beautiful Picture Of Hanfu

Oil Paper Umbrella

How can you take a picture of snow without an oil paper umbrella? Not only is the utilization rate of 100%, even in the sun exposure or snow scenery, but it can also block the wind when you are frozen for beauty. And no matter how you shoot it, it will be super artistic.


1. Open the umbrella method: open the umbrella, but do not fully support, half-open, eyes naturally look at the umbrella.

2. Parasol method: open, level or tilt the umbrella slightly.

3. Back shadow method: put the umbrella behind your shoulder, and you will feel a lot when you take a picture of your back.

4. Umbrella holding method: close the umbrella and hold it in front of your chest. Pay attention to relaxation. Don’t be nervous like holding a chicken leg you just got.

Curtain Fence

Looking directly at the camera is also a common situation when taking pictures. It’s OK to take a screen fence at this time. It’s not only hazy but also can reduce the tension of the direct viewing lens.


1. Hand Support: Naturally support the brim with one hand.

2. Half Lift: If the camera isn’t so stiff, try half lifting the veil and taking a half-face or eye close-up.

3. Back Shadow Method: Put on the screen fence or back it to the back, take the back.

Lantern / Luminous Props

Lanterns are also very suitable for shooting locations, can have a different mood. Especially at night, the lantern can be regarded as a photographic artifact. And the posture requirements are more tolerant, can be placed on the side, can also be held/carried on the hand.

Flowers / Trees

When shooting the location, you can choose some flowers/branches as props, such as red plum, pine branches, etc., which can be very beautiful if you hold them in your hand.


A mask is a face blocking artifact, and it can also create a sense of story.


Whether it’s interior or exterior, fans are a good prop to make your photos more colorful.

Just like “you have poetry and calligraphy in your stomach”, the expression and action of taking pictures also need to be driven by the inner and outer feelings naturally, and it is not necessary to do it deliberately in many cases. Who would not like such a real self? Everyone’s style is different, and as long as this style is expanded, it is a beautiful classical beauty.

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