Hanfu Collocation – 6 Practical Methods Of Pibo(披帛)

Pibo(披帛) plays an important role in the wearing of Chinese Hanfu clothes. It has its own history and characteristics. Pibo(披帛) already existed in the pottery figurines of the Wei and Jin Dynasties, and also in the murals of the Sui Dynasty, which became widely popular in the Tang Dynasty.

Because of its beautiful sense of lines, Pibo(披帛) become a Hanfu accessory loved by ancient women. Generally speaking, the use of Pibo(披帛) is not only decoration, draped on the body, but also sunscreen. This article shares with you how to wear Pibo(披帛) in Hanfu.

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Method 1

Pibo on your arm for decoration. This is also the method that people often use when watching ancient Chinese films and television dramas.

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Method 2

To drape Pibo over your shoulders. In fact, many Pibo has a certain width, so we can use them as shawls. Wrap the Pibo around your shoulders and tie it into your skirt and belt. It looks like wearing another vest, which will have a more layered sense of overlapping.

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Method 3

Use Pibo as a headscarf. The length and width of Pibo are more appropriate. It is also a good choice to put it on the head for decoration. Especially when people are taking some art photos, wearing a Pibo veil on their head will have a sense of immortality.

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Method 4

Use Pibo as a veil. You can also use Pibo as a veil, half-covering half of your hair and cheeks, which is very mysterious.

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Method 5

When people go out to play, if they find it inconvenient to wear Hanfu clothes, they can also roll up the big sleeves of Hanfu with Pibo. Here, the function of Pibo is equivalent to Panbo(襻膊).

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Method 6

If you wear a solid color Hanfu, you can also use Pibo as a belt, which will give Hanfu a color impact and brighten people’s eyes.

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How do you usually use Pibo? Welcome to share and discuss in the message area.

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