6 Classic Chinese Wedding Dresses

The wedding ceremony is the essence of ancient Chinese traditional culture. In ancient times, when the girl went out of the pavilion, there were red sedan chairs and a huge procession of honor guards to greet the bride. After worshipping heaven and earth, they would lift their heads again. The bride was dressed in a Chinese dress with a phoenix crown and a bridegroom in a top scholar’s suit.

It has become a new fashion for modern people to pursue cultural roots and regain traditional folk customs. But the traditional bride’s dress, can bring the brilliance which only once in the woman’s life, lets the person lifelong unforgettable, leaves the good memory.

She wears a beautiful Phoenix crown on her head and a red square scarf on her head. She wears a red silk shirt inside and a red robe with embroidery on her outside. She wears a sky lock on her neck and a demon lens on her chest. She wears a red skirt, red trousers and red satin embroidered shoes. She is so charming and charming that she gives herself a happy and unforgettable wedding.

The design of traditional lapel and classic stand collar is perfectly combined with golden silk brocade fabric and fine edge binding. It presents charming charm, exquisite classical clasp design, wonderful retro design, pure handmade exquisite three-dimensional embroidery, elegant fashion, full of atmosphere. The double sleeve shape is retro and layered, which sets off the slender and charming arms. It makes you feel like a fairy coming out of the painting. When you go out of the pavilion, you will be amazed by such a set of Chinese wedding dress.

Although the western wedding is the mainstream wedding form, with the development trend of retro and personalized, Chinese wedding, because of its unique charm, is also beginning to be loved by more and more new people, so they always like to add more Chinese elements to their wedding. In China, red means good luck, happiness, and good wishes. A classic and fashionable Chinese wedding dress makes you beautiful as a bride.

This retro Chinese style improved cheongsam, classic and festive Chinese red, shows the noble and gorgeous temperament. With the three-dimensional cloud brocade fabric and elegant and slim tailoring, the cheongsam’s low-key and light luxury temperament is displayed to the extreme. The cheongsam of Chinese style gives you another classical charm of Oriental bride!

Cloud brocade embroidery surface with traditional color, three-dimensional embroidery touch fashion dream, highlight your elegant retro temperament, realize your elegant and fashionable temperament, and show the bride luxury and wealth. Delicate and slim invisible zipper, very fashionable and elegant feeling, showing the beauty of exquisite embroidery and fashionable brocade fabric.

In fact, the more traditional and classic things are now, the more popular and popular they are. Excellent design, meticulous craftsmanship, and the perfect combination of ancient and modern give you a kind of dreamlike visual enjoyment so that the bridegroom who loves you will also shine in front of you. From then on, he is willing to bow down under your pomegranate and be consistent.

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