10 Classic Ancient Chinese Hanfu Accessories

The beauty of Hanfu needs not only delicate make-up, but also various small accessories.For example, hairpins, earrings, hair bands, shoes, fans, small round bags and so on.Sometimes the right accessories can make Hanfu more beautiful.

Accessories 1: Hairpin

Hairpins are the most common accessories of Hanfu. Almost all fairies wearing Hanfu will buy hairpins. There are many styles of hairpins. They are simple, complex, various, and versatile. Almost all Hanfu Dress can be equipped with a hairpin and the wearing method is also very simple.

Accessories 2: Hair Crown

Hair crown is a more gorgeous accessories, wear in daily life will have a greater impact on daily life. In ancient times, the ancients did not often wear hair crowns. They only wore them when they were dressed up for important occasions.

Accessories 3: Step Shake

A kind of jewelry for ancient Chinese women.The general form is Phoenix, butterfly, with wings, or with tassels or pendants. When walking, gold ornaments will move with the swing of walking, lifelike, so call it step shake.

Accessories 4: Hair Band

Hair band is also a very common Han costume headdress. Simple hair band can bring vitality to elegant long hair and create different beauty. It can be said that it is a kind of free and easy hair ornament, which makes people refreshing. Beautiful hair band has both function and decoration, and can be used by boys and children.

Accessories 5: Earrings

Hanfu are very long skirts if wearing hair ornaments and earrings, people’s eyes will focus on the upper part of the body, and the visual effect will lengthen the body, which has a kind of graceful feeling. Earrings will also look good when you walk. If you wear modern earrings, you will not have this effect.

Accessories 6: Pibo

Pibo is a kind of accessories on ancient women’s clothing, which is usually light and thin cloth and silk. The long Pibo, which is draped on the shoulder and wrapped around the back of the hand, is usually made of thin leno, with printing or gold and silver thread patterns on it.

Accessories 7: Shoes

Embroidered shoes, a perfect combination of Chinese shoe culture and embroidery art, are the original handicrafts of the Chinese nation. Although few people wear it in modern society, but it is a common piece for young ladies and sisters who wear Hanfu.

Accessories 8: Fan

In ancient times, fans were indispensable accessories for women.Women’s character with a lot of shy, so one of the role of fans is to cover up the shame, give people a sense of mystery.In summer, fans can also be used to fan. No matter what kind of function it is, fans are indispensable in Hanfu.

Accessories 9: Bag

Retro exquisite small round bag not only plays a decorative role, but also can store mobile phones, wallets, etc, very convenient and practical.

Accessories 10: Yingluo

Yingluo, you can think of it as an ancient necklace for the time being. However, in terms of production, Yingluo is more exquisite than a necklace, and its volume is much larger than that of a necklace.

Exquisite accessories make your Hanfu more brilliant!

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